Bogotá improved in the results of the Saber 11 test: district schools surpassed the country average

Luc Williams

In 2023, Bogotá evidenced a sustained improvement in the average global score of the Saber 11 exam for district schools. This was highlighted by the District Secretary of Education.

These preliminary results show a better level of student competencies and levels of learning performance. in the areas of mathematics, critical reading, social and citizenship, natural sciences and English, evaluated in the Saber 11 exam.

Another important result for the city that shows improvement in education has to do with the classification of schools provided by the Icfes based on the results of the Saber 11 exam. In 2023, 69 district schools are located in categories A+ and A, the highest in this classification, compared to 57 schools that were located in 2022 and 51 schools classified in these categories in 2021.

These are the best schools in Colombia after the Saber 11 Tests; bilinguals dot

The Colombian Institute for the Evaluation of the Quality of Education (Icfes) presented the latest analysis of the Saber 11 Tests, which were carried out on August 13, where the score obtained by each educational center nationwide was shared.

The best schools in Colombia

  • Divino Niño Bilingual School (393, Bucaramanga)
  • Boston International Educational Center (386, Barranquilla)
  • Los Andes Business School (382, Neiva)
  • Campo David High School (377, Bogotá)
  • Nuevo Colombo Americano School (373, Bogotá)
  • Cambridge School (373, Pamplona, ​​Norte de Santander)
  • Angloamericano School (373, Bogotá)
  • Anglo-Canadian School (372, Neiva)
  • El Hontanar Gym (370, Chía, Cundinamarca)
  • José Celestino Mutis Experimental Institute (370, Barranquilla)
  • Diana Oese Bilingual School (389, Cali)
  • New Cambridge School (378, Floridablanca, Santander)
  • San Jorge de England School (369, Bogotá)
  • Aspaen Gimnasio La Fragua (369, Neiva)
  • San Carlos School (365, Bogotá)
  • Aspaen Liceo Tacurí (365, Cali)
  • Leonardo da Vinci School (365, Envigado)
  • Colombo British Gym (363, Bogotá)
  • Vermont Gym (362, Bogotá)
  • Calatrava School (362, Bogotá)
  • Alexander von Humboldt Institute (361, Barranquilla)
  • Integrated High School of Nariño University (355, Pasto)
  • National Municipal Educational Institution (348, Pitalito, Huila)
  • Santo Ángel School (346, Cúcuta)
  • National Technical Institute of Commerce (345, Cúcuta)
  • Luis María Jiménez Educational Institution (343, Aguazul, Casanare)
  • IE Loperena (342, Valledupar)
  • Central Technical Institute (340, Bogotá)
  • Homeland Army High School – Liceo Colombia (339, Bogotá)
  • José Rafael Faría Bermúdez (337, Pamplona, ​​Norte de Santander)

The analysis, on the other hand, revealed that the areas with “opportunities for improvement” are mathematics and English. The overall average of the test was 257 points, and more than half of the participants obtained scores below this threshold.

The Certified Territorial Entities (CTE) with the best results were Tunja, with 293 points; Floridablanca, Santander, with 291 points, and Envigado, Antioquia, with 290 points, highlighting that Bogotá led at the departmental level, with 274 points.


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