Boom for discount stores' own brands. Who wins the price war: Biedronka or Lidl?

Luc Williams

Among Polish consumers the popularity of private label products in discount stores such as Lidl, Biedronka and Aldi is growing. The key reason is the price attractiveness of these products, which usually cost less than branded equivalents. In the face of rising costs of living, price is becoming a decisive factor for many Poles. Discount stores offer numerous promotions and discounts on their own brands, which further increases their price competitiveness.

The diversity of the offer from this segment also plays a significant role in the popularization of private labels. Discount stores introduce new products in various categories, from food to household items.

At the same time, this trend is also accompanied by an improvement in the quality of private label products. Discount stores invest in the quality of their products. Currently, many of them meet high quality standards and often have ecological certificates and other markings that attract more conscious consumers.

Milk and butter cheaper than last year

Listonic has prepared a report showing price trends and the popularity of private labels food products from the two most popular discount stores in Poland – Biedronka and Lidl.

According to data collected by the Market Monitoring Center (CMR), in the first quarter of 2024, the prices of almost all analyzed private label products of these two discount stores decreased. Clearly, by over 20-30 percent. milk and butter became cheaper. These are the only product groups for which we paid less in Lidl and Biedronka in the first quarter of this year. Unlike cold meats and sausages, which have become more expensive in both chains.

Average private label prices; source: Listonic / Other

Listonic data shows that we will pay less for “Biedronka” milk, butter, cold cuts and sausages, and we should go to Lidl for sausages.

The popularity of both discount stores is a draw

The authors of the analysis also checked which private label products Poles were more likely to buy in Lidl and which in Biedronka. And so, when planning to buy butter, cheese, vegan products, toilet paper and diapers, we are more likely to go to Biedronka. Poles more often buy milk, yogurts, cold cuts and sausages, as well as private label sausages and ready-made meals in Lidl.

“Behind many of Biedronka and Lidl's own brands are leading Polish producers who have products under their own brands on the shelves in these stores. Dairy products are supplied by, among others: OSM Łowicz, Polmlek, Mlekpol, Mlekovita and Bakoma, meat and meat products – Animex, Sokołów and Balcerzak, and vegan products by Roleski, Perla and Sante,” it was written in a commentary to the report prepared by Listonic.

Most popular own brands / Other


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