Investigations against Obajtek. Will immunity help him?

Luc Williams

The portal reminded that Obajtek, running from the first place on the PiS list in Podkarpacie, won 171,000. votes.

Prof. Michał Romanowski, attorney, partner at the Romanowski i Wspólnicy law firm, said in an interview with the portal that, in his opinion, immunity will not protect Obajtek from charges. “The matters covered by the investigations are very serious. However, his election to the European Parliament will significantly prolong the investigations, to the detriment of the process of settling the accounts for his performance as the president of Orlen,” he said.

The portal noted that although the plenary session of the new Parliament is to be held only on July 16-19 in Strasbourg, Obajtek is already protected by immunity. Pursuant to Protocol No. 7, we read, in the matter of the privileges and immunities of the European Union, Members of the European Parliament may not be subject to any investigation or judicial proceedings, nor may they be detained (Article 8). As added, the next point specifies that during the EP session, MEPs who are in their country enjoy the same immunity that is granted to Members of the Sejm.

As the portal pointed out, the MP's mandate, and therefore the protection provided by immunity, begins on the day the election results are announced. “This is about the official announcement in the Journal of Laws. The statement of the National Electoral Commission on the results of the elections of members of the European Parliament held on June 9, 2024 was announced on Monday, June 10 (Journal of Laws, item 853). From that date, Daniel Obajtek is protected by immunity “- we read. (PAP)


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