Budka: Orlen’s new management board will be selected in a competition

Luc Williams

“Today, Orlen’s general meeting appointed a new, professional supervisory board. People have been delegated to act as management board members,” said Minister Budka, without providing details.

“The supervisory board decided to organize a competition for management board members,” he added.

Until this open competition is resolved, several people from the supervisory board will be delegated to manage Orlen.

“Enea has already announced a competition for members of the management board. Orlen will do it any day now. This will be the case in other companies, PGE, Tauron, and it will also apply to banks where the State Treasury has an influence on the majority,” said Borys Budka.

Orlen shareholders elected members of the supervisory board during Tuesday’s extraordinary general meeting.

On the recommendation of the State Treasury, it was joined by Michał Gajdus, Ewa Gąsiorek, Katarzyna Łobos, Kazimierz Mordaszewski, Mikołaj Pietrzak, Wojciech Popiołek, Ireneusz Sitarski, Tomasz Sójka and Tomasz Zieliński.

Jan Woźniak, nominated by NN OFE, was not elected to the council. Tuesday’s general meeting set the number of members of the new supervisory board at 10, but shareholders elected only nine people. Wojciech Popiołek became the chairman of the supervisory board.

At the same time, the general meeting dismissed eight people from the current supervisory board, headed by chairman Wojciech Jasiński.

As of February 5, Daniel Obajtek, who had previously made himself available to the supervisory board, is no longer the president of Orlen. Patrycja Klarecka, Jan Szewczak, Armen Artwich and Roman Róg also resigned from their positions as management board members.


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