Business in Poland. The number of foreign companies is growing in this voivodeship

Luc Williams

Currently, there are 767 foreigners running a business in the Opole Voivodeship who pay contributions to the Social Insurance Fund. The majority of them are people claiming Ukrainian citizenship.

“Over the last year, we have observed a significant increase in people with a passport other than the Polish one who decided to run a company or a sole proprietorship. Exactly a year ago, there were 485 such people in the region, and now there are 767,” the spokesman for the Opole Social Insurance Institution calculated.

In the Opole region, 528 Ukrainian citizens are trying their hand at business, 23 Bulgarian and German citizens each, and 21 people declare Turkish citizenship. There are also 15 contribution payers with Belarusian and Vietnamese passports and 10 Dutch citizens.

As Szczurek pointed out, the number of foreigners running a business in the region has been growing systematically for several years. At the beginning of 2019, 292 foreigners paid contributions, in 2021 376, and at the beginning of January 2022 – 400.

In Poland, over 53.7 thousand people pay pension and disability insurance contributions to ZUS due to running a business. people declaring citizenship other than Polish. Half of them, 27.5 thousand. are Ukrainians. Over 10.5 thousand people have a Belarusian passport, over 1.1 thousand. are Vietnamese, and about a thousand people each indicated Russian and German citizenship.

According to the latest ZUS data, citizens of 120 countries run businesses in Poland. In January 2023, ZUS had approximately 32,000 in its database. foreign entrepreneurs, and a year earlier less than 24 thousand foreigners. At the beginning of 2021, there were approximately 21.5 thousand of them, and in the winter of 2016, only 14.9 thousand.


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