BYD enters Poland. The 3 models offered for pre-order will be available for pickup in August

Luc Williams

Till the end of August we assume first physical deliveries of BYD cars in Poland“Then the official inauguration of the company's operations in Poland will take place,” Feng said in an interview with ISBnews on the sidelines of a press conference during the EV Experience event at Tor Modlin.

Not only electric

As he assured, the company ultimately wants to introduce many more car models to the Polish market, not only fully electric ones, but also also plug-in hybrids.

“We estimate that the Polish market has great potential, is the sixth largest market in the European Union, with low penetration of alternative drives. We want to play an important role in the transformation of this market, but it is too early to talk about sales plans, we first need to know market response to our products” – added.

Where will the first BYD showrooms be?

In the first stage, BYD plans to launch four showrooms in Warsaw, Poznań, Bydgoszcz and Gdynia. At the same time, the company announced cooperation with the Cichy-Zasada, Krotoski and Plichta dealer networks.

The first three BYD modelswhich will appear on the Polish market, are Dolphin (with a range of approx. 427 km WLTP and a price of PLN 141-150 thousand), Seal (520-570 km range and price PLN 207-234 thousand) and Seal U (420-500 km range and price PLN 190-203 thousand).

BYD entered Europe in 2022, today it is present in 22 countries, including 16 new ones in 2023.

By the end of April 2024, the Chinese company had delivered a total of over 7 million worldwide BEV and PHEV cars, which gives it the position of global leader in this respect. In 2023 alone, sales amounted to 3.02 million cars, 61.9% more than a year earlier (1.6 million of them were pure “electrics”), including nearly 243,000. cars outside the home Chinese market.

BYD is Chinese battery manufacturer and the world's largest manufacturer of electric cars (BEV plus PHEV). It delivered 3.02 million fully electric cars and plug-in hybrids worldwide in 2023.

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