María Juliana Ruiz, former first lady, selected in the group of “champions” of innovation in education

Luc Williams

“The Learning Generation Initiative (LGI) is excited to announce our new LGI Champions! These 9 champions bring a wealth of experience from a variety of backgrounds and geographies, all demonstrating leadership, drive, ambition and change aligned with our vision of every child learning within a generation. Our champions will support and promote our mission through advocacy, leadership, policy engagement, partnerships and much more. “We are very honored to have their support and commitment to help drive progress toward our shared goal of transforming education around the world.”

In this way, The Learning Generation Initiative announced the name of María Juliana Ruiz, former first lady, wife of former president Iván Duque, in the select group. The Learning Generation Initiative (LGI), formerly the Education Commission, is defined as “a global initiative sponsored by the Center for Educational Development, which encourages greater progress on Sustainable Development Goal 4: Quality education, ensuring inclusive education and quality and promoting lifelong learning for all.”

“The Education Workforce Initiative (EWI), led by the Generation Learning Initiative (formerly the Education Commission), is catalysing efforts to support teachers and leverage the broader education workforce, leveraging the latest evidence and innovations to strengthen the educational workforce, build learning. teams and transform educational systems into learning systems,” he adds.

This was the “Champions” team announced by The Learning Generation Initiative:

Ruiz has participated in various meetings that seek improvements in education worldwide. In 2023, he was at the One Young World (OYW) summit that was held from October 3 to 5 in Belfast, Northern Ireland, where more than 2,000 young people from 197 countries gathered in order to strengthen and enhance youth leadership.

In her capacity as advisor and leader of the global network of First Ladies of OYW, Ruíz shared with the event attendees a motivating message with fundamental pillars for the transformation of territories, such as dialogue with their populations, accurate information and values. , respectively. The former Colombian first lady also carried out advice based on the creation of the National Alliance for Nutritionwhere he also addressed the importance of breastfeeding, which, as expressed by the World Health Organization (WHO): “is one of the most effective ways to guarantee the health and survival of children.”

It is worth remembering his attendance at the 28th edition of the World Congress of Jurists (World Law Congress, in English) that took place in New York, United States, and which brought together more than 300 world leaders, among whom were the king of Spain Felipe VI and Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, who addressed 'Peace through law' as the central theme.


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