Carlos Alonso Lucio defends himself: “in the face of a dizzying fall in Petro’s image, they are now inventing a coup d’état”

Luc Williams

Carlos Alonso Lucio, the former congressman and former member of the M-19, has been singled out by his detractors of allegedly promoting a plot to carry out a coup d’état against President Gustavo Petro.

The above, after Lucio filed a lawsuit against President Petro, with which he intends to advance a political trial of the president.

From his account in X, Lucio pointed out that the objective is that the impeachment trial “ends up recognizing that there have been violations of the Constitution and the law,” Therefore, on his YouTube channel he explained that his complaint was filed and “the reality of this is that we closed the year with the formal opening of the impeachment trial.”

In , Carlos Alonso Lucio said that “given the dizzying fall that his image – that of President Petro – has had before the citizens due to the waste of the Palace, due to the ‘Petro out’ of the stadiums, due to the atrocities that the Government has done , for example with the theme of the Pan American Gamesthey are in enormous distress”.

In this sense, the former congressman stated that from the national government “They are now inventing the myth of a coup d’état “That doesn’t fit in Colombia, no one has proposed it, it doesn’t exist, no one has wanted it.”

It is worth noting that a national news portal recently published information in which it indicates that, supposedly, intelligence has information about said coup d’état.

In this regard, Lucio indicated in Vicky en Semana that, if indeed the President of the Republic asked the Police for an intelligence report, This should tell him that the “destabilization” in the country “has been caused by him.”

“The destabilization has been caused by the investigations into the crimes committed during the electoral campaign. The destabilization is being produced by the entire economic climate that he created -Petro- calling businessmen murderers and discrediting the entire Colombian business community. What has generated destabilization is that absurd turn in international relations where it made Colombia, once again, the first friend of the Venezuelan dictatorship and Hamas terrorism in the Middle East,” added the former congressman.


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