“It is the same propaganda pamphlet that Fidel Castro created in Cuba”: María Fernanda Cabal for the Petro Government newspaper

Luc Williams

As the first weeks of January pass, the Government of President Gustavo Petro has already been in the eye of the hurricane for several reasons; for example, the house in Davos, a place that had a high price and generated controversy.

This is the complete interview with María Fernanda Cabal:

According to the senator from the Democratic Center, The Government newspaper “is the same propaganda pamphlet that Fidel Castro created in Cuba, which is called that still circulates. I imagine that with scarcity, like everything in Cuba, because they even ended up with sugar, much less the multimillion-dollar bank accounts of the descendants of Fidel Castro.”

In the same current of ideas, the fervent opponent of the Government had no problem saying that, at the end of the day, President Gustavo Petro showed that “he doesn’t care about anything.” In fact, Cabal assured that what happens with the president is that “he is invested with monarchical authority.”

But that was not all. It turns out that the name of José Félix Lafaurie, Senator Cabal’s husband, appears in the national government newspaper. Given this, the influential politician pointed out that a column from the president of Fedegán would have been collected, but it would be a written reproduction and nothing more.

“The newspaper, in fact, maintains an entire ideological battle to promote Petro’s reforms. If you read its content, it does not inform the contradictor, of being able to have a voice. There are going to be many who say ‘that’s not true,’” said María Fernanda.

Therefore, for the Democratic Center senator, the dissemination of the news ended up being a strategy, “involving several columnists.”

Cabal even added that she did not believe the fact that a column by her husband appeared in the newspaper, but that it would have been published because it is in the public domain. “I don’t think they are collaborators, they collect recurring columns from people who appear in other media periodically,” she expressed in it.

For now, it should be said that José Félix Lafaurie has not commented on the matter, that is, it is not known if he agrees or not.

Now, there have been people who defend the newspaper, under the premise that it is a right and that this shows what the Petro Government has done.

Then, María Fernanda Cabal stated: “Digital media are much cheaper and, if they are caretakers of the environment (referring to the Government), they should stop depredating the forests.”, because the number of trees consumed by the printing of this physical newspaper is incalculable. This incoherence is typical because they tell lies, they forget and their actions erase their apparent intentions.”


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