“The information is false or misleading”: opinions divided in SEMANA by the newspaper ‘Vida’, of the Petro Government

Luc Williams

The newspaper has already begun to circulate, generating controversy in different political sectors. It is a 24-page printout whose distribution is free and reaches all 32 departments of the country.

Furthermore, its distribution is monthly and Its production costs close to 600 million pesos. Senators Esmeralda Hernández, of the Historical Pact, and Miguel Uribe, of the Democratic Center, divide opinions on the circulation of this newspaper.

Senator Uribe said that the information that is in the newspaper ‘Vida’ is “false or misleading.”

“In the best communist, socialist style, This is the style of political propaganda of these regimes where they practically use all possible means with public resources to promote information. that is purposely false or misleading. This Government has clearly done little or nothing for a year and a half. The results are practically non-existent, people today are feeling the pain of the indolence of a Government that has worsened the violence and that has additionally worsened the economic situation,” said the Uribismo congressman.


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