Celebrate Mother's Day: discover the roots of a universal tradition Celebrate Mother's Day: discover the roots of a universal tradition

Luc Williams

The traditions that we celebrate with the most emotion and daily life are sometimes the ones that we know the least about. This means that we do not understand the historical and social relevance of our own festivals as Mexicans. Precisely, this month we celebrate Mother's Day in Mexico and we join a centuries-old global tradition.

Surely you have celebrated May 10 with joy, but do you know what the origin of this holiday is and why it is so important in our country?

If you still don't know the history of Mother's Day, don't worry; By reading this article you will learn some interesting facts that you can share with your mother, your grandmother or whoever you consider a mother figure in your life.

History and origin of Mother's Day

If you have wondered why Mother's Day is celebrated, you may be surprised to discover that the origins of the celebration date back to ancient times.

In the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece and Rome, it was common to honor the maternal figure through different deities that represented her, such as Isis, Rhea and Hilaria, respectively. Likewise, the Christian religion chose to celebrate motherhood by venerating the figure of the Virgin Mary on December 8, the day of the Immaculate Conception.

It was not until the end of the 19th century that Mother's Day as we know it today began to take shape. In the United States, social activist Ann Jarvis began organizing periodic meetings of mothers, in which the rights of women and, specifically, mothers, and her contribution to the society of the time, were discussed.

After her death in 1905, Jarvis's daughter, Anne Marie, set out to continue her mother's legacy and began a campaign to institutionalize Mother's Day. Finally, that day arrived in 1914, when the celebration became official in the United States.

In the following years, many other countries around the world followed by adding Mother's Day to the calendar of national holidays. Although many continued with the North American initiative of having the celebration take place on the second Sunday in May, many others chose their own date; Mexico is one of them.

Mother's Day celebration in Mexico

There is more than one reason why May 10 was chosen to commemorate motherhood in our country. First, there was already the American precedent that established the month of May for the commemoration. Furthermore, due to the prominence of the Catholic religion in the region, the fifth month of the year, traditionally associated with the Virgin Mary, turned out to be a key time and a somewhat obvious choice for the holiday.

This is how, on May 10, 1922, the first Mother's Day was officially celebrated in Mexico, inaugurating an annual tradition that brings together family members and produces a very important economic benefit: in 2023, the CONCANACO SERVYTUR Mexico estimated an economic investment of 70,300 million pesos.

Between various gifts, such as flowers, jewelry, clothing, outings to restaurants and even trips, the main intention of this day is to celebrate the affection, unconditional support and commitment of mothers in our society.

The values ​​of Mother's Day reflected at the Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro

Dates like Mother's Day remind us how vital it is to celebrate those we appreciate most in our lives. This day is about commemorating the community we have built in each circle to which we belong, and honoring the most important heritage we have: our human values.

For all this, Mother's Day truly transcends the family nucleus and motivates us to live the example of solidarity, generosity and honesty of our families in our university life. In particular, at the Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro, we seek to promote the living of these values ​​on a daily basis, through commitment, and social and environmental responsibility.

The program of Social Action of the Anáhuac University (ASUA) offers the student community the opportunity to get involved in cultivating a better society. ASUA has 20 volunteer and social service programs to benefit different causes, such as the environment and support for boys and girls in vulnerable situations.

Finally, this is a day that is best celebrated with family, wherever it is, and with the assurance that the union and affection we share is the most important thing.

For this reason, Anáhuac Querétaro invites you to reflect on the significance of this day, beyond gifts and going out to eat. Share with us your celebration and Follow us on our social networks!

Let's celebrate mothers as only the Lions of Anáhuac know how.


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