“They have approached me to offer me benefits through the Government. Thats the reality. “They are buying half the world in Congress”

Luc Williams

The money to make the millionaire cash payments came, according to the former official, from the contract for the tank trucks to bring water to La Guajira. Other bribes would have also been paid through similar UNGRD businesses.

Due to this revelation, several congressmen debated in 'Vicky en SEMANA'. In the middle of said debate, Congressman Hernán Cadavid, a member of the Democratic Center, denounced that they approached him. “Even though I am an opposition, they have approached me, they have approached me to offer me benefits through the Government. That is the reality and at the appropriate time and in the appropriate channel we are going to present this extremely serious complaint. And I want to tell you, it has all the coherence in the bottomless barrel that they have turned the National Unit for Disaster Risk Management. That entity would not only have to disappear, be suppressed, eliminated or its regime changed. From there is the box where they are buying from half the world in the Congress of the Republic”.

Immediately, the congressman was asked for more information about the complaint he was publicly making. “There are the insinuations to the people who we have made part of the Impeachment Commission of the House of Representatives. That's the truth, when I do not even have a decisive vote within that Commission, when I do not even have processes or am an investigative representative of any process of the President of the Republic because they have all been handed over to people related to the Government. There what they are trying to do, if it is not already what they set up, is a conspiracy to protect the president and they have done it through bureaucratic means. You will understand that one will have to take the respective care to make the complaint how and when appropriate.”

Cadavid was asked to be more precise with his complaint and pointed out: “They did not approach me to tell me: 'I give you X, you do Y.' There the message is: 'we need everyone to be well, we are going to be well' and the things that move move.”

When asked what the specific insinuation was, Hernán Cadavid pointed out: “What they are offering from the National Risk Unit, among other things, are the so-called quotas. They tell you, so that Colombians understand it in detail: 'find two or three friendly mayors who, from the National Risk Management Unit, what we are going to do is allow you a work quota of 10 billion pesos, 8 billion pesos, 9 billion pesos and then people will respond there. I answered no.” Finally, he said, these insinuations were made by the “government coalition.”

The presidents of the Senate, Iván Name, and the Chamber, Andrés Calle, 15 more congressmen and the outgoing presidential advisor for the regions, Sandra Ortiz, are involved in this corruption plot. Pinilla also spoke about the Minister of the Interior, Luis Fernando Velasco, and referred to three other ministries: Health, Finance and Mines. The former official also urged Olmedo López, his former boss and his former director at the UNGRD, to “break his silence.”

Pinilla's confession with this medium arose in an unusual way: it occurred last Thursday, May 2, at two in the morning, virtually, while he was sheltering in a secret place to protect his life, and accompanied by his lawyer. , Luis Gustavo Moreno. Pinilla pointed out that he is sure that there are those who want to kill him to prevent him from telling the whole truth before Justice.


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