Employees consider the IT industry to be the most attractive. Huge advantage

Luc Williams

The IT industry was followed by the automotive sector, indicated by 50 percent. respondents. In last year's study, it was at the top of the ranking. The third most frequently mentioned industry in this year's study was the automotive component production sector with 49%. indications – Randstad reported.

In the study, respondents indicated the attractiveness of a given industry based on factors rated on a scale of 1-5: from the most to the least appreciated in a given industry.

According to the authors of the study, despite the smaller scale of new recruitments and even restrictions on employment in the IT sector, from the perspective of all respondents, it is still an industry offering conditions that attract candidates. The most valued factors included the good financial situation of the sector and career development opportunities. The level of average earnings is also attractive.

“The IT sector has always been perceived by candidates through the prism of an attractive salary scale. And although there are signals from the market that the economic situation in this sector has weakened slightly: there are fewer job advertisements, and sometimes jobs are being reduced, the salaries, especially those offered experienced professionals, remain a strong motivator. The high attractiveness of the IT sector in the eyes of employees is certainly related to the prospects of the spectacular development of new positions related to AI tools,” said Beata Wolska from Randstad Polska.

The three best-rated sectors, apart from their good financial situation, were also positively assessed by the respondents due to the career development opportunities they offer. In the case of the automotive components industry, respondents also pointed out the very good reputation of companies operating in this sector.

The best industries according to employees

Respondents also expressed good opinions about companies representing the following sectors: chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic. In turn, employees particularly appreciated companies from the retail and cleaning sectors for their convenient location, and the security industry for their friendly working atmosphere.

In terms of overall attractiveness, employers from the retail sector scored 35%. indications. Companies conducting wholesale sales were rated the best by 32 percent. respondents, and cleaning companies – 29 percent. These three sectors also completed the list of the 25 best-rated industries.

The data obtained in the study show that the age of employees also influences the assessment of sectors. The oldest generation of the post-war baby boom considers companies operating in the following areas to be the most attractive: IT (47%), retail and medicine (38% of responses each).

Generation X mainly indicates the following industries: automotive (52%), IT (50%) and automotive components (49%). Respondents from the millennial generation mention the following sectors: automotive (52%), IT (51%), and pharmaceutical and cosmetics (49%). However, the youngest people on the labor market, i.e. Generation Z (people born after 1997), prefer companies operating in the automotive (56%), paper and wood (55%), as well as electronics and electrical engineering (54%) sectors. The IT industry in this group ranks 9th.

Randstad Employer Brand Research is a research project on the image and attractiveness factors of employers. This year it has its 24th edition in Poland, where the study covered a group of 6,000. 794 respondents representative of Polish society. The study was conducted in January 2024. (PAP)


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