Fico Gutiérrez confirms the identity of the former congressman who negotiated the management of Afinia for 8 million dollars

Luc Williams

Mayor Federico Gutiérrez revealed the testimony of a man who claims to have evidence of an alleged illegal business that would have been forged in the heart of EPM, the second most important company in Colombia. Apparently, Daniel Quintero's administration would have negotiated the management of Afinia for 8 million dollars.

The district president expanded the complaint and provided unknown details. Returning to the witness's words, he narrated that the alleged negotiation had been processed by Quintero himself with a former Antioquian congressman, whose identity had been a complete mystery until a few hours ago.

Gutiérrez confirmed that It would be William Ortega Rojasa seasoned politician from the municipality of Bello who raised the flags of the Radical Change party in the legislature and occupied a seat in the departmental assembly: “That was the name they mentioned to me,” the mayor commented live, this Monday, May 6.

The alleged plan would have been to buy the management of the company that offers energy service in five departments of the Colombian Caribbean and, later, distribute the million-dollar contracts by hand. This is what the witness in the case maintains, who remains anonymous because he fears for his life.

“He recounts many events, places, times, how that whole situation would have occurred. It is my duty to make it known,” added Fico, who acknowledged that he is not surprised by what he heard: “Here in Medellín there is no entity that is saved, here it is as if they had created a sophisticated organization for corruption.”

In addition to the Antioquian politician and former mayor Daniel Quintero, other people would also be sprinkled in this episode. He listed district office secretaries, individuals who have been active on the national scene and businessmen, particularly of foreign nationality.

“These would not be new elements. According to the witness, he would have signed a statement before the Prosecutor's Office, since 2022, providing concrete facts, chats of conversations with people historically related to corruption issues in the country, such as the corruption of the Moreno Rojas,” said Gutiérrez.

Faced with all this, this was the response that Daniel Quintero wrote on his social networks: “Mayor Federico Gutiérrez does not care about the Mayor's Office. His plan is to resign to run for the Presidency. However, he has three problems: he would have to resign in less than 10 months, March of next year, and, therefore, there would be new elections for the Mayor; If he is not sure that one of his friends can win the Mayor's Office, he could not resign; He is doing very poorly in all indicators: robberies, homicides, employment, garbage.”


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