Flood waters in the Urals inundated uranium deposits. Environmentalists warn against radioactive contamination of surface waters

Luc Williams

According to the Russian-language editorial office of French radio RFI, the flood that affected many Russian regions is receding, but may have far-reaching consequences. “Water pollution dangerous substances may lead to an increase (in the number of cases) of oncological diseases,” the portal informs based on opinions of ecologists from the organization Ziemlja kasajetsa dziennik (The Earth touches everyone).

Flooded post-industrial areas

Experts list among the dangerous objects that were flooded: old uranium deposits in the Kurgan region Whether metallurgical slag landfill in the Orenburg region.

RFI writes that satellite photos published by Radio Svoboda journalist Marek Krutov, as well as the governor of the Kurgan region, Vadim Shumkov, shows that Part of the Dobrovolnoye uranium deposit was underwatersubordinated to the daughter company the Rosatom nuclear concern, Dałur company. Journalists of the independent Russian website Agientstwo reached such conclusions by comparing map of flooded areas That deposit diagram presented by Dałur in 2019

Radioactive elements in the river

Environmentalists fear that dissolved uranium and its decay products could have ended up in the Tobol Riverwhich is dangerous for residents.

As RFI reminds, Rosatom assured on April 20 that its facilities were not damaged by the flood. “The deposits were not affected, they are located away from the river, on a hill,” it said. A few days later, the company described reports of the flooding of uranium deposits as “deliberate disinformation.”

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