Chemical Engineering at the Anáhuac Querétaro University

Luc Williams

In the eyes of a chemist, the world is a large laboratory in which everything hides different compositions and shows daily transformations.

Currently, as a society we live important environmental challenges what they make of the sciences and, specifically, of chemistryinvaluable fields of study to provide effective and sustainable solutions. This was expressed by Morten Medal, Nobel Prize winner in Chemistry in 2022, who in his acceptance speech of the award emphasized the need for young people like you learned about chemistry to face the great challenges of today.

The Chemical engineering is then one of the fundamental careers for him scientific and technological development, but also to guarantee comprehensive training in Mexico and the rest of the world. Therefore, below we will tell you some of the reasons that make Chemical Engineering graduates from the Anáhuac Querétaro University true change’s agents for our times.

The current relevance of Chemical Engineering

If you pay attention to the news, there is no doubt that the environmental challenges of our era are unprecedented. Actions to address these challenges are increasingly urgent, since properly manage waste until to decrease the pollution in all media.

Given this panorama, the knowledge and tools provided by the Chemical engineering are essential for combat the crisis and environmental challenges. Like very few, this career is ideal if you are looking provide effective and innovative solutions that benefit society and the planet. Not to mention that, due to its enormous practicality, as a graduate you will have a broad global demand.

A differential footprint: studying at Anáhuac Querétaro

By choosing Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro, you choose academic excellence and the path to professional success. Our students They stand out for being affiliated with the Mexican Institute of Chemical Engineers AC, Thanks to which they have the opportunity to attend various events, pursue diplomas, publish research articles, among many other benefits.

Additionally, each student has the technology and research opportunities and cutting-edge practical learning. For example, we count with a digital manufacturing laboratory incorporated into the FabLabs Global Network directed by the CBA of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

In a FabLab, our students work on very varied local manufacturing production projects that have application in the local context. So they win autonomy and professional experience and contribute to the reduction of environmental impact that comes from mass production.

These competitive advantages provide all of our students with enriching experiences such as the opportunity to do professional practices In companies leaders and centers of investigation and innovation. Proof of this is that the 90% of our students They graduate with work experience.

Comprehensive training: beyond the classrooms

At the Universidad Anáhuac Querétaro, we are aware that the comprehensive training that manages to transform the world is also experienced outside the classroom. For this reason, in addition to an excellent academic education, our curriculum is nourished by strong ethical foundationswith humanistic values and a leadership spirit that provide our students with a true integral formation.

For this reason, those who graduate from Chemical Engineering at Anáhuac Querétaro are not only distinguished by a brilliant career in the workplace, but also by a genuine concern for address society and environmental challenges.

In this way, our future professionals perform excellently in such varied branches as biotechnology and sustainable resource management with a clear objective: to act as positive action leaders.

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