Juan Carlos Henao, former rector of the Externado University and one of the most recognized jurists in Colombia, has died

Luc Williams

Former magistrate Juan Carlos Henao, one of the most recognized jurists in Colombia, died this January 2 as a result of “a painful illness.” Henao, according to his colleague, lawyer Ramiro Bejarano, died after health problems that were not detailed.

The former president of the Constitutional Court Juan Carlos Henao He stopped being a togado in 2012 to serve as the new rector of the Externado University of Colombia, a higher education center from which he graduated as a lawyer. There he left a great legacy, since the cloister acquired prestige due to the experience imposed by Henao. “The time has come, in the coming three years, to advance the review process, with the fruit harvested in the last six years, to consolidate the transition to a new stage and protect our institution,” he said at the time. “Let us make our Externado even bigger, channeling ideas through the Boards of Directors of the faculties, the Council of Professors, the student representatives and any person in our community who may wish to make suggestions for our growth,” he added. .

On April 30, 2021, the academic decided to retire from the university, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, and his virtual farewell was also very emotional. At that moment, approximately 900 workers from the faculties and administrative areas of the Externado University came together to say goodbye to him, recognize him and thank him for his management.

After his death, the Externado University of Colombia stated: “With deep regret, @UExternado expresses its deepest condolences for the death of former rector Juan Carlos Henao. His invaluable contribution and leadership will endure in our House of Studies. We send our condolences to his family and loved ones.”

Hernando Parra Nieto, current rector of the Externado University, did the same: “With great regret we announce to the Externado community the death of former rector Juan Carlos Henao. We fraternally accompany his family and pay heartfelt tribute to the one who dedicated so many years of his life to the cause of our beloved House of Studies.”

The Minister of Justice, Néstor Osuna, also spoke: “I deeply regret the death of Juan Carlos Henao. He worked like few others for peace in Colombia and left his mark on generations of lawyers. My hugs to Vicky, to her daughters, to her family and to all of her friends. My @uexternado is in mourning We will always remember him.”

Former President Juan Manuel Santos spoke in the same sense: “We deeply regret the departure of Juan Carlos Henao. A great Colombian, an extraordinary human being and an unconditional ally in the fight for peace. He will live forever in our hearts. For Vicky and her daughters, a huge hug.”

Noemí Sanín, former minister and former ambassador, also spoke: “Juan Carlos Henao, a GREAT human being, an exceptional jurist, an irreplaceable friend, has left. May he rest in peace with the admiration and gratitude of all Colombians who owe him light and direction, leaves lasting traces!”

“Juan Carlos Henao, former president of the @CConstitutional and former rector of the @UExternado. A comprehensive democrat and defender of the peace agreement, in which he accompanied us with enthusiasm and conviction. Sad news at the beginning of the year. A hug of solidarity to his family,” said former Interior Minister Juan Fernando Cristo on his side.


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