Colombian pride: school in Pitalito, Huila, is the best in environmental education in the world

Luc Williams

Recently, the results of the ‘World’s Best School Prizes 2023’ awards were shared, where Colombia ended up being first in the category ofEnvironmental Action’, thanks to a program called Cafélab and is part of the Montessori Municipal Educational Institution, San Francisco headquarters, in Pitalito (Huila).

As mentioned, The award was awarded thanks to the Cafélab Colombia program, whose objective is to instruct students on how they can reduce the pollution generated during the coffee production process.under the premise of care and preservation of the environment.

The Pitalito school participated along with thousands of others and was selected. In September, the Colombian institution had been a finalist with Mamoura British Academy of Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates), and Muntinlupa National High School (Philippines).

Then, among the newest, Two hundred experts and leaders from around the world made the decision to choose the winning school. In fact, after the achievement obtained for the Colombian school, the head of the Education portfolio spoke out on the matter.

According to Aurora Vergara Figueroa: “We are excited by this achievement of the Municipal Montessori Educational Institution, San Francisco headquarters, in Pitalito. We can proudly say that The innovative pedagogy of this school becomes an example of environmental education for the world. I hope that Colombian schools follow the same path and take advantage of education as a tool to protect life and nature, contribute to the sustainable development of their territories and their communities.”

“Our commitment from the national government is to promote environmental education so that it is a priority in all schools in Colombia, because we understand its link with citizen and socio-emotional competencies from a perspective of self-care, care of others and care. of nature,” added Minister Vergara.

On the other hand, among the external congratulations, there was that of Jill Huntley, Managing Director – Global Corporate Citizenshipfrom Accenture, who communicated: “Congratulations to the Municipal Montessori Educational Institution of Pitalito – Huila, headquarters San Francisco, Colombia, for the momentous achievement of winning the 2023 World’s Best School for Environmental Action Award. This high honor recognizes their great work in addressing the environmental impact of coffee production, contributing to a more sustainable world and inspiring educators everywhere. Accenture is proud to be part of this initiative T4 Education that empowers the next generation to address global sustainability challenges, ensuring access to and incentivizing the use of the latest technologies and innovative practices.”

While Vikas Pota, Founder of T4 Education and the ‘World’s Best School Prizes’, said: “My most sincere congratulations to the Municipal Montessori Educational Institution of Pitalito – Huila, San Francisco headquarters in Colombia. Teachers around the world should take an example from the brilliant work of this school and the difference they are making to so many lives in their community. And governments should look to the pioneering work they are doing as they work to find answers to the big challenges we face today. Where you lead, they must follow. This extraordinary achievement has been possible thanks to the leadership, vision and culture that your school was able to foster and I am proud to award you the World’s Best School Prizes for Environmental Action 2023.

Cafélab Colombia

Cafélab Colombia has already given significant results. From a social point of view, it has become a research center for the entire southern region of Colombia, benefiting more than 150,000 students, 5,000 teachers and approximately 600,000 inhabitants involved in activities related to coffee.

From an economic point of view, the school has fostered the growth of certified sustainable enterprises, specialized in the treatment of coffee waste, promoting the circular economy and offering new income opportunities for local communities.

The school will use the US$50,000 of the prize to establish a research center specialized in the treatment of solid and liquid waste from coffeemeeting the high demand for sustainable solutions in the region.


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