They launch a call for free courses for Colombians to enhance their digital skills, how to apply?

Luc Williams

Digital skills, for example, have taken on important relevance in modern times.. In that sense, it is key to take advantage of every opportunity to update knowledge in this matter.

From the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism, and the Entrepreneurship and Innovation Agency of the National Government (iNNpulsa), A call was opened for Colombians to access 25 free courses focused on strengthening digital skills.

More than 5,000 people have already started their APPS.CO virtual course, through the Platzi learning platform. The free educational offer will be available until December 31.

Those interested in applying will be able to access the courses without limit, since with registration they can take one or all of the available courses (25). Among the topics that are part of the educational offer, the following stand out:

  • Basic programming: Program from scratch, focused on mastering JavaScript, understanding HTML and understanding algorithms. It aims for the student to understand the logic of the code, how programmers think and how to program.
  • Python: Delve into areas such as Data Science, backend development, artificial intelligence, among others.
  • JavaScript: It involves the key concepts of JavaScript, the most important programming language today.
  • Git and GitHub: Teaches how to implement Git and GitHub into your workflow.
  • Social media marketing strategies: It focuses on guaranteeing customer loyalty, increasing sales and attracting new prospects through B2C and B2B marketing strategies on social networks.
  • Content Marketing: It opens paths to enhance creative processes by exploring the possibilities of different formats for Content Marketing and ensuring that content strategies obtain high-impact results.

People interested in taking the courses can register on the APPS.CO web portal. At the end of the process, they will be able to refer to the Platzi platform and locate the courses that make up the educational offer.


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