Get to know the platform that is revolutionizing student learning in the world

Luc Williams

Learning platforms have become fundamental support for acquiring or reinforcing knowledge outside the classroom. One of them is Superprof, which was born in 2013, in Biarritz (France), so that students could come into contact with teachers from all over the world in different subjects and specialties.

“We are a knowledge marketplace, an Airbnb to find your perfect teacher. Of French origin and based in Paris, our startup today has 200 employees and offers services in 44 countries,” explains María Camila Jaimes, country Team Manager.

The objective of this platform, created by Wilfried Granier, is to offer users the best teachers on the market. Today they have 20 million teachers who register for freeand a lot of his energy is put into finding the best filters when selecting them, “which is reflected in our global success,” he says.

Superprof has been present in Colombia since 2018. Since then, Jaimes adds, they see the country as an interesting market because year after year they notice the constant growth of users who are seeking to perfect their knowledge or who want to learn something different, discover new hobbies or find your passion.

At the moment, Superprof Colombia It has a network of more than 300,000 registered teachers, among whom there are also native teachers for teaching different languages. Jaimes highlights that they have transformed education from day one by providing a catalog of teachers that fits the budget or knowledge needs of the users. “We have a catalog that covers more than 2,000 topics, from the most popular subject, such as school support, to language tutoring, leisure activities, technology, etc.”

One of the biggest advantages for users is the ease of access, concludes Jaimes. “They only have to search for the subject, choose the way they want to take the classes (virtual, in-person or both) and start the search for a teacher.. Once this is done, one is chosen and the registration process continues.”


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