Companies in Poland are leaders in cybersecurity

Luc Williams

Changes in the global financial market are inevitable As Anna Urbańska emphasized, changes in the global financial market are inevitable and have been ongoing for many years. Transformation, although not always rapid, is a continuous process. In the last ten years, significant changes have affected shared service centers, which have begun to specialize more and more, which has allowed Poland to develop a unique identity among both Eastern and Western markets.

Poland on the global stage

Poland has gained a reputation in the area of ​​technology services, anti-money laundering and cybersecurity.

In addition to traditional accounting services, advanced services requiring specialist knowledge and experience are becoming increasingly important.

New service centers in Poland are focusing on skilled workers who can immediately take on advanced tasks, rather than investing in fresh graduates.

Challenges and threats

One of the main threats to Poland is stagnation and the lack of active transformational actions. Anna Urbańska pointed out that artificial intelligence, although widely considered a threat, can rather contribute to improving the quality of work by automating routine tasks and allowing employees to act more creatively.

The key threat is the lack of rapid adaptation and failure to invest in modern technologies, which may result in Poland being overtaken by other countries.

Global Finance and Geopolitics

Global finance, according to Urbańska, remains relatively stable despite dynamic changes in other sectors. While the pandemic has forced many companies to rethink their supply chains, drastic changes in finance are not expected. The biggest challenges concern security, especially in the context of cyberattacks, but global finance is generally maintaining the course set many years ago.

The Key to Transformation

For effective transformation, it is crucial to look from the customer’s perspective and strive for maximum process efficiency. Transformation should not be superficial, but should assume deep and thoughtful structural changes. Companies should invest in technologies that will relieve employees of repetitive tasks and allow them to focus on more valuable and creative aspects of work.


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