Corruption in a Warsaw bank. The CBA detained two people

Luc Williams

Details of the case were provided on Wednesday by the press team of the Central Anticorruption Bureau. An investigation under the supervision of the District Prosecutor's Office in Sieradz is being conducted into the matter of granting a financial benefit to a bank employee who gave preferential treatment to one of the clients.

The findings of the preparatory proceedings show that persons representing a real estate company provided a financial benefit to an employee holding a managerial position in a Warsaw bank. According to investigators, this happened from November 2015 to March 2019.

“The bank employee treated the client on preferential terms under the Voluntary Real Estate Sale program, and also provided unauthorized information protected by trade secrets. These actions could have caused damage to the bank's assets and constituted an act of unfair competition,” the statement explained.

Officers of the Lublin CBA detained two suspicious men in Łódź. Several dozen places were also searched, including the offices of accounting offices and the headquarters of companies dealing with the design and construction of buildings. The officers secured documents and electronic equipment that could be of evidentiary importance.

At the District Prosecutor's Office in Sieradz, the detainees were charged with corruption, abuse of powers by a public official and giving false testimony. A car worth PLN 250,000 was also temporarily seized. zloty.

The suspects were placed under police supervision. 90,000 were also imposed on them. property bail, a ban on leaving the country and a ban on contacting other suspects.


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