The farmers signed an agreement with Minister Siekierski

Luc Williams

On Wednesday, at a press conference during the second day of the European Agricultural Forum, the agreement signed on Tuesday night was presented.

One of the points stipulates that the Minister of Agriculture is to ask Prime Minister Donald Tusk to suspend the transit of agricultural products from Ukraine covered by the embargo through Polish territory.

The parties also declared in the document that trade relations between both countries must be regulated, including market access to products such as: cereals, rapeseed, corn, sugar, poultry, eggs, soft fruits and apples.

The document also includes a point regarding subsidies, which are to cover, among others: barley and rye. The subsidies are to be earned at the level of aid from 2023 and will concern grain sold in the period from January 1 this year. until May 30 this year

Another point envisages maintaining the amount of agricultural tax at the 2023 level.

The document also states that the social side will support the government in activities aimed at leading to changes in the provisions of the Green Deal. This includes: o limiting eco-schemes and simplifying the rules of aid for farmers.

The agreement emphasized that the cause of the current situation in agriculture is primarily Russia's aggression against Ukraine, as well as the EU's unconditional consent to unlimited imports of agricultural goods from Ukraine, “supported by the clear position of the then government of the Republic of Poland.”

The agreement was signed by the Minister of Agriculture Czesław Siekierski, Deputy Minister of Agriculture Michał Kołodziejczak and 11 representatives of agricultural organizations. These include, among others: leader of Podkarpacka Oszukana Wieś Roman Kondrów; Wiesław Gryn from the Zamość Agricultural Society; Artur Koncik, a farmer protesting at the crossing in Świecko; chairman of NSZZ RI “Solidarność” Tomasz Obszański; Filip Pawlik from AgroUnia; Władysław Serafin, chairman of the National Union of Farmers, Agricultural Circles and Organizations, and Andrzej Sobociński, representative of protesting farmers in Żuławy.


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