David Luna charged the country with serious alert: “I warned and they said I was crazy. “Petro wants to stay”

Luc Williams

In the space of , the congressman remembered his words and passed a 'collection account' to the country, because at the time they told him that “he was crazy”, but today there are already political voices close to the head of state that speak of an eventual re-election .

Although President Gustavo Petro has repeated that he is not interested in staying in power, his relatives have other intentions. In fact, Senator Isabel Zuleta, of the Historical Pact, confessed that the Petristas are effectively promoting the president's re-election, although it is prohibited.

We weren't that crazy, although some accused us of it after leaving the forum he organized in January, when I said that the president – with a group of advisors – was seeing how he could find a mechanism to authorize the possibility of running for re-election. And there we talk about the national constituent assembly,” said Luna.

Luna also revealed that there is a strategy that has two specific objectives: first, to hide the serious act of corruption of the UNGRD and the La Guajira tank trucks; and, in the second instance, give President Petro the possibility of participating in a re-election.

“The president also seeks to avoid being contradicted or, failing that, controlling his acts of government, which are becoming more complicated every day.”noted the senator, mentioning the public order problems in Cauca and the energy, budget and health crises.

“Do not disrespect the intelligence of Colombians”

Senator Luna stated that President Petro dedicates important time to creating teams “to establish guidelines and strategies” so that the country speaks about what they want. Along these lines, he argued that there are two “antidotes.”

“The main thing is to remind President Petro that many Colombians believe in the '91 Constitution and we defend it. And remind him that he helped build it, that this constitution forcefully establishes the mechanisms to modify it, and that none of those that he has proposed so far have legal basis. In second place, We must confront the government of President Gustavo Petro and demand that he govern”, he pointed out.

Luna also recalled that the head of state, before becoming president, promised that he would not promote a constituent assembly or his re-election, but the speech now is different. “I tell President Petro: under no circumstances should he disrespect the constitution and disrespect the intelligence of Colombians.”We know you are working on staying”, he added.

“Forgiveness and forgetfulness for the corrupt”

With the constituent, Petro would not only be seeking his re-election, but also – according to Luna – he is looking for “a final agreement” that would mean “forgiveness and forgetfulness” for armed groups outside the law and also for “the corrupt, crooked and homeless people who have just destroyed the Risk Unit with the money of the children of La Guajira.”

“We are warning of what is coming our way. Petro, who from my point of view stopped being a democrat to become a shameless addict to power, today is literally the head of the orchestra,” stated Luna in the space of .


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