Polsat or TVN? RMF FM or Radio Zet? Which media do Poles value? (CBOS STUDY)

Luc Williams

Of the four TV stationswhich Poles were asked about in the survey this year, television receives the best ratings Polsat. In turn among radio stations Radio has been the best-rated for several years Rmf fm – results from CBOS research entitled “Media rating”.

TVP's ratings have improved, but no one knows Telewizja Republika

Of the four TV stations surveyed this year, TV receives the best ratings Polsat. “It is ahead as in previous years, although in the last two measurements the perception of this station has become slightly more critical” – according to the “Media Assessment” research.

Just like last year, on second place television was included in the ranking TVN. The study indicates that over half of adult Poles express positive opinions about its activities, and are more than twice as likely to evaluate it negatively.

“Changes to public television have hurt the ratings TVP have improved, although this improvement consists primarily in a significant decrease in critical votes with only a minimal increase in positive ratings. It seems that Poles have recently changed their bad attitude towards TVP, but they still expect the quality of its programs to improve. Generally speaking, unlike last year, TVP's ratings show more positive than negative votes,” it was written.

The study also shows that “included for the first time among the main nationwide broadcasters Republika Television it is more often perceived critically than positively.” “However, the majority of respondents simply do not know it and do not have a specific opinion about it,” it added.

RMF FM is ahead of Radio Zet

The study also included radio stations. Radio has been the best-rated among radio stations for several years Rmf fmon second place ranks Radio Zet. “More than half of the respondents have positive opinions about these stations, and only a few have a bad opinion about them. Compared to last year, RMF FM's ratings have practically not changed, while Radio Zet has gained only slightly,” we read in the study.

It fares worse compared to commercial stations Polish Radio. The study indicated that “less than two-fifths of respondents approve of his activities, with almost three times fewer negative opinions.” “After recent changes to public radio and its individual programs, the percentage of bad reviews has decreased significantly, and at the same time (though to a lesser extent) the number of good reviews has increased. The public broadcaster's result this year is the best since 2019,” we read.

The study “Current problems and events” (408) was conducted as part of the mixed-mode procedure on a representative named sample of adult residents of Poland, drawn from the PESEL register. Each respondent independently chose one of the methods: direct interview with the participation of an interviewer (CAPI method), telephone interview after contacting the CBOS interviewer (CATI) – the respondent received contact details in an announcement letter from CBOS, independent completion of an online survey (CAWI), to which access was possible based on the login and password provided to the respondent in the announcement letter from CBOS. In all three cases, the survey had the same set of questions and structure. The study was carried out from April 8 to 18 on a sample of 1,079 people (including: 63.8 percent using the CAPI method, 22.9 percent – CATI and 13.3 percent – CAWI).

Author: Anna Kruszyńska


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