“During his campaign, Petro did not want a constituent assembly and is already promoting it; they have no credibility”

Luc Williams

The constituent assembly has become the most controversial issue of the Petro government these days. After naming Juan Fernando Cristo as the new Minister of the Interior, it became clear that his mission will be, precisely, to promote this initiative.

In the space of , political voices expressed their positions regarding the growing call of the Petro government for a constituent assembly.

He (Petro), in the campaign, did not want a constituent assembly and is already promoting it.. Juan Fernando Cristo did not want to disrespect the result of the plebiscite, and they did so, so they do not have the credibility to reassure us about what they tell us now,” said Representative Hernán Cadavid.

For Cadavid, the “ineptitude and inefficiency” in all sectors of the Petro government is evident. However, he criticizes that “now they come to tell us that a constituent assembly is needed for justice in the agricultural sector,” taking that sector as an example.

Let’s not kid ourselves. They want to stay in power. It doesn’t matter if they say no, that’s what they’re going to implement,” said the congressman from the Democratic Center.

In turn, representative Gabriel Becerra, of the Historic Pact, confronted what Cadavid said. “I ask Colombians to judge whether they believe us, The president himself said it: he will not be re-elected“It is not an individual priority.”

“Believe the president, who was able to leave office when a fanatical prosecutor removed him from office, and who has respected all the rulings of the courts and has promoted agreements,” Becerra continued.

“I ask Colombians: do you believe the president, us, or do you believe those who politically represent the change in the Constitution in 2004 to be re-elected on their own behalf, as was the case of former president Uribe?” the congressman asked.

Finally, Becerra emphasized that he “believes the president” and urged Colombians to do the same. “(Petro) is in favor of a project of collective transformation of society; he is not in favor of staying in power.. His project is not personal, his project is one of democratic transformation,” he said.


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