Extension of Polish-British cooperation to implement Rolls-Royce SMR technology in Poland

Luc Williams

At a press conference after signing the agreement, representatives of the involved institutions expressed their opinion on the importance of this agreement. Cezariusz Lesisz, President of the Management Board of the Industrial Development Agencywhich is the entire shareholder of INDUSTRIA, said: “The development of the SMR program is one of the important elements in shaping the Polish energy mix of the future. I am glad that the ARP Capital Group company, Industria, is one of the leaders of this process.”

Szczepan Ruman, President of the Management Board of INDUSTRIA SAhe said: “Chiltern Vital Group is a very important partner for us due to the group's experience in industrial cluster projects that will support the development of the Central Hydrogen Valley and the implementation of Rolls-Royce SMR units within the valley”.

Chris Turner, CEO of Chiltern Vital Group, he said: “CVG is excited about the prospects that may be brought by signing a strategically important cooperation agreement with Industria in Poland today. SMR technology can only be implemented on the required scale through long-term public-private and international partnerships. We are very happy to have leading partners from the public sector and private in our major projects in the UK, such as the Western Gateway and the Rolls Royce SMR in the planned Berkeley/Oldbury 'Severn Edge' investment zone project, and that we are a significant partner in the Yorkshire Energy Park Freeport. Today we have significantly expanded our international technology cooperation related to SMR through agreement with Industria.”

INDUSTRIA cooperates with Rolls-Royce SMR based on the “Memorandum of Intent” signed in 2022. Today, the company is expanding its group of partners by signing a letter of intent to cooperate with British investment fund Chiltern Vital Group (CVG) in the development of SMR technology in Poland. The signing of the agreement is another step in cooperation between Polish-British public-private partnerships of strategic importance.

The main provisions of the agreement include cooperation in the following areas: training and development of skills of Polish students and specialists, exchange of know-how to accelerate the licensing process of components dedicated to the nuclear industry, joint development of related technologies to create future large low-emission regional technology parks and the creation of private financing models to ensure the viability of SMR projects.

In 2023, after more than two years of cooperation with Rolls-Royce SMR, INDUSTRIA chose the technology Rolls-Royce Small Modular Reactor (SMR) in order to implement the assumptions of the Central Hydrogen Valley with a low-emission Polish economy. This partnership will be an integral part of developing low-carbon energy sources, decarbonizing energy-intensive industries and producing clean energy for future generations.

CVG partners with Rolls-Royce SMR to create regional zero emissions energy projects, has begun the process of acquiring Gloucestershire Science and Technology Park in Berkeley, which is adjacent to the former Magnox nuclear reactor site, to create an international science, training, research and development and technology park of global importance.

Szczepan Ruman, President of the Management Board of INDUSTRIA SAhe said: “To achieve the Central Hydrogen Valley goals, we have selected SMR technology developed by Rolls-Royce. The small modular reactors will produce stable, affordable, low-carbon energy that will power the region's industry and households for at least 60 years. However, to achieve this goal, we must provide significant financial resources. Therefore, we are glad that an experienced British institution – CVG – is starting cooperation with us aimed at building RR SMR units and related technologies that will provide future opportunities for employment development in Poland, Great Britain and internationally.”

“Industria Nuclear Days 2024” conference is a platform for discussion on the future of nuclear energy in the context of today's challenges and market opportunities, as well as the promotion of sustainable development and safety in energy production in Poland. We invite all interested media to participate in the second day of the conference, which takes place in Korzecko near Kielce. More information is available on the website: https://h2cluster.eu/INDUSTRIA-nuclear-days/

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Rolls-Royce SMR is the first UK nuclear technology to be introduced domestically in over 20 years – providing a UK solution to the global energy problem. Each small modular reactor will produce enough stable, affordable, emissions-free energy to power one million homes for at least 60 years.

The Rolls-Royce SMR has received UK Government funding of £210 million under Phase 2 of the Low-Cost Nuclear Challenge Project administered by UKRI, which has been complemented by £280 million of private capital. The aim of this government support is to accelerate the Rolls-Royce SMR project and progress to at least stage two of the project assessment (GDA) carried out by the independent nuclear industry regulators: the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR), the Environment Agency and Natural Resources Wales.


Chiltern Vital Group (CVG) is a London-based zero emissions energy and technology developer with an established record of developing and delivering large regional multi-sector projects with world-class partners. CVG's board and management team have an outstanding reputation for delivering multi-million pound projects, while creating long-term socio-economic legacies for local and regional communities of all ages.


ŚGP INDUSTRIA SA created the Central Hydrogen Valley of Poland to design, deliver
and exploit energy solutions with zero carbon emissions in Poland and around the world. The goal of its subsidiary, Industria Nuclear Solutions, is to develop innovative and sustainable energy solutions. Small modular reactors (SMRs) have great potential to provide a clean, reliable and safe energy source.




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