The trial of influencers accused of illegal alcohol advertising has started

Luc Williams

The other defendants Jakub N., Maciej M., Aneta T., Adam Sz., Dominika B., Kamil B., Łukasz S. and Małgorzata L. – include: employees of contracting companies. The offenses they are accused of are punishable by a fine of PLN 10,000. up to 500 thousand zlotys.

“We will demand that they give back the money they earned from illegal acts.”

Before the court proceedings began, the foundation dealing with the fight against alcohol advertising on the Internet and in public spaces, “Safe Poland for All”, submitted an application to be admitted to the proceedings as a party to it, and the court accepted the application.

“As a foundation, we will demand that the people accused in this trial give back the money they earned from illegal acts. We will also request, taking advantage of the fact that there are celebrities on the bench who are followed by millions, to have them published on their profiles. materials about the harmful effects of alcohol. We believe that this will be the best possible social campaign regarding awareness and the effects of alcohol consumption,” said activist and president of the “Safe Poland for All” foundation, Jan Śpiewak.

During Monday's hearing, the defendants' attorneys requested that the proceedings be discontinued and the trial be closed to the public. However, the court did not agree to these requests and the prosecutor read the indictment in the presence of the public and the media.

Next hearing on June 17

At the next hearing, scheduled for June 17, the defendants are to provide explanations.

“These people were accused of commissioning and advertising alcohol in the form of wine and other alcoholic beverages, contrary to the Act on upbringing in sobriety and counteracting alcoholism. According to the documentation obtained during the investigation conducted by the prosecutor's office, the advertising of alcoholic beverages was to be carried out via Instagram, with the participation of people recognizable due to their activity on social media. It should be recalled that Polish regulations establish an absolute ban on advertising alcoholic beverages other than beer and are clear and precise on this issue,” the District Prosecutor's Office in Warsaw previously informed.

She emphasized that the reach of illegal advertising, targeted mainly at young people, was enormous. In Poland, at the beginning of 2022, the social networking site Instagram had 10.7 million registered users.

Author: Aleksandra Kuźniar


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