Farmers' protest. Deputy Minister of Agriculture: We cut the branch we sit on

Luc Williams

In an interview with PAP, he recalled that farmers demanded to stop the Green Deal, limit imports from Ukraine and increase the profitability of agricultural production.

As Nowak assured, the government and the Ministry of Agriculture have taken specific actions in each of these three areas. As an example, he gave the Green Deal and the changes proposed by the European Commission in this document.

On Friday, the European Commission published a draft amendment to two regulations related to the Green Deal. The proposals include, among others: abolition of the obligation to fallow, choice between crop diversification and rotation, simplifications regarding the maintenance of soil cover.

“It was a surprise to us that the EU was able to quickly and effectively listen to the voice of citizens,” added Nowak.

As for imports from Ukraine, the deputy minister reminded that there is an embargo on agricultural products from this country.

Will Donald Tusk present solutions for grain producers?

Nowak announced that Prime Minister Donald Tusk will soon present solutions for grain producers that will compensate for the low prices of this raw material.

“What is also crucial in the current situation in agriculture is that we have improved the operation of the Agency for Restructuring and Modernization of Agriculture and, for example, corn subsidies have been paid efficiently and quickly,” said the Deputy Minister of Agriculture.

He announced that by the end of June this year. over PLN 7 billion of funds will be paid as part of payments, including area payments.

“I appeal to farmers to act wisely”

Nowak appealed to farmers to submit applications to the agency as soon as possible so that there are no delays in the payment of subsidies. “If we all remain disciplined – the ministry, ARiMR and farmers, the subsidies will be paid efficiently,” he assured.

The politician emphasized that he understands and supports farmers' demands. “However, the form of protest, including blocking export borders and Poland's western borders, is unfavorable for farmers and the economy. We are cutting off the branch we are sitting on because we are limiting the possibilities of exporting Polish production,” said Nowak.

He emphasized that farmers must protest in such a way as not to limit the export opportunities of Polish companies, because this – as he emphasized – will affect Poles' pockets.

“I appeal to farmers to act carefully and to respect the services that are called upon to save people's lives and health during blockades. To respect the transport of perishable products, because this is an element of food security for both the inhabitants of Poland and Europe,” he said.

Is there a chance of reaching an agreement with farmers?

In Nowak's opinion, there is a chance of reaching an agreement with farmers in the near future.

“If the funds from direct payments reach their accounts. If we find a solution to relations with Ukraine, while increasing Poland's export opportunities, if changes to the Green Deal and the EU Common Agricultural Policy are approved – I am convinced that rational farmers who appreciate the scope of these activities should be released from the blockages,” said the deputy minister.

Nowak assured that the government is doing everything so that farmers “can get out of the blockade with a sense of satisfaction that they got what they asked for.”


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