Farmers' protest on March 20. Roadblocks will cover the entire country (MAP)

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Lockdowns across the country

“The protests will be all over the country, we already have over 500 locations for agricultural protests, there are no important ones, they will be in every voivodeship, they will be blockades of provincial cities or blockades of expressways, this will be the full spectrum of activities undertaken so far. They will be repeated, only on a larger scale,” the spokesman explained.

Who is organizing the farmers' protest?

The organizers of the protests are farmers – either agricultural organizations or farmers themselves who associate and register gatherings. “Solidarity” RI also organizes such protests, Wawrzyniak noted.

What are farmers demanding?

The protesters' demands are the same as before. Farmers are protesting against the “Green Deal”, the import of agri-food products from Ukraine, limiting animal breeding in Poland, “dramatic situation” in agriculture. “We also want compensation and support for farmers,” he added.

In the spokesman's opinion, the changes to the Green Deal proposed by the European Commission are “cosmetic”. These are actions to wait for the outcome of the European Parliament elections, he said, emphasizing that “this is not the solution to our problems.”

The spokesman for “Solidarity” RI admitted that the protests alone would not solve farmers' problems, but – as he noted – at the same time, “talks are being held in the ministry and meetings with the prime minister.” He noted that there was no next meeting scheduled with Prime Minister Tusk, butFarmers hope that some “specific details” will emerge after farmers' talks with the Minister of Agriculture during the European Agricultural Forum in Jasionka or after Wednesday's protests.

Map of protests

Farmers' protest on March 20 / Google

Nationwide General Strike was scheduled for Wednesday by the National Council of the Independent Farmers' Trade Union “Solidarity”. Over 400 points have already been marked on the protest map posted online, including several on access roads. to Warsaw.

A blockade was announced in the capital on the S2 route at the height of Wał Miedzeszyński. Further blockades are planned in the Warsaw suburb Jabłonna, Nieporęcie, Stanisławów Drugi and in the vicinity Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki. Blockades are also to take place on the A2 motorway, one of them at height Góraszki, the second one in front of the town Old Horse. In Mazovia, difficulties are also expected in Ciechanów and in the Płońsk district.

According to the findings of the Krakow police, protesters will enter Krakow on three sides and will meet at Rondo Mogilskie.

In the Silesian Voivodeship, the protest of farmers and hunters is planned from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. around Silesian Voivodeship Office. The protesters announce, among others: blockade of the street Jagiellońska. Additionally, exits and entries may be blocked at the A1 junctions with DK46 and DK43 in the vicinity Częstochowa and exit to Mykanów.

IN Gdańsk the demonstration will take place at 10-16. Traffic and public transport disruptions are expected.

IN West Pomeranian Voivodeship agricultural blockades will take place in most poviats, including: Goleniów, Stargard, Myślibórz and Choszczno.

In Kielce protesters will block the entrance to the city in seven places, and a demonstration is planned in the center on Thursday.

Tractors and agricultural machinery are to be blocked from Wednesday morning A1 motorway in Kamieńsk in the Łódź province. Difficulties are also expected on national road No. 42 in the vicinity Radomsko and Przedbórz and on the streets of these cities.

The police warn against disruptions

The Police Headquarters informed that Wednesday's farmers' protests require the police to use significant forces to ensure the safety of all citizens. She added that traffic officers will ensure that drivers experience as little disruption as possible.

The Police Headquarters reminded that the constitution guarantees every citizen the ability to organize and participate in peaceful assemblies. She emphasized that over 580 protests were announced for Wednesday, with an estimated participation of nearly 70,000. people.

“Securing public assemblies is one of the statutory obligations imposed on the police, the aim of which is always to ensure the safety of all citizens and protect their rights and freedoms. The role of police officers is to ensure that all types of assemblies take place in compliance with applicable law, and in the event of its violation – to take appropriate actions,” noted the Police Headquarters. (PAP)

author: Anna Wysoczańska


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