Farmers' protest in the Łódź province. Which roads will be blocked?

Luc Williams

They are expected to join the protesters on Tuesday farmers from Łowicz and Skierniewice counties.

According to the police, protest is about to start at. 11 and last continuously until Friday at 12. They will be blocked Skierniewice and Łowicz junctions by A2 motorway. At this point it will be impossible to enter and exit the A2. This will also cause serious difficulties on national road No. 70 connecting Skierniewice and Łowicz.


“From Tuesday to Friday, passenger cars traveling from Skierniewice towards Łowicz will only be able to reach Bełchów, where drivers will be directed detour towards Łyszkowice or Dzierzgów. Trucks will not be able to take an organized detour and drivers will have to look for alternative routes, heading towards Sochaczew, Jeżów, Warsaw or Rawa Mazowiecka,” said the spokeswoman for the Skierniewice police, Senior Sergeant Aneta Placek-Nowak.

For those traveling on A2, the motorway exit will be possible at Stryków junction.

Since Monday, agricultural machines are also blocking the passage in both directions on the A2 motorway in Wartkowice in the poviat. Poddębice between Dąbie and Emilia junctions. Traffic towards Poznań is redirected at the Emilia junction, and towards Warsaw at the Koło junction. Difficulties in this place are expected to last until Wednesday.

The demands of the protesting farmers include: the need to simplify and reduce the requirements of the European Green Deal, limit the inflow of agri-food products from Ukraine and improve the profitability of agricultural production.

Author: Bartłomiej Pawlak


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