Will we see energy price increases soon? The President of the Energy Regulatory Office comments

Luc Williams

The Energy Regulatory Office (URE) is talking to the government about further proceedings regarding shields on the electricity, gas and heat markets, and the proposals under consideration show that after the changes (from July 1) there will definitely be no “significant, drastic” price increases, Rafał Gawin, President of the Energy Regulatory Office, announced.

“These ideas are already being communicated by the government. This information is, I think, positive and reassuring. And I also subscribe to such information. There is no need or reason to build a narrative that these prices Whether bills will increase in some drastic, sudden way,” Gawin said in an interview with Tok FM.

New ideas, new tariffs

“If nothing were actually taken, then these (previously approved) tariffs would come into force, i.e. in settlements with customers. But there are several of these ideas. I think that they will result in the fact that if there are changes, they will not be particularly noticeable for at least the majority of society,” he added.

When asked if there was a proposal he would recommend to those in power, head of the Energy Regulatory Office replied: “Yes, we talked about this proposal. The idea is to approve new tariff, the period of which would be effective from July 1 and would apply for at least the next 12 months. In such a situation, we can take into account other costs of enterprises in the tariff calculation, i.e. not the high ones from last year, but also partially these high costs, but to a large extent also the current energy or gas prices. This will mean that in terms of prices and tariffs we will be much closer to the prices that are frozen.”

Alarming calculations by the National Bank of Poland

According to projection of the National Bank of Poland (NBP) in the scenario assuming the government withdraws anti-inflation measures increase in energy prices maybe temporarily exceed 20% y/y.

Last week Prime Minister Donald Tusk announced that the government is working on the possibility of maintaining protective actions in terms of energy prices.

In December 2023, the president signed an act amending laws to support consumers of electricity, gas fuels and heat. The purpose of the Act is to limit, in the period from January 1, 2024 to June 30, 2024, the impact energy price increases electricity, gas and heat on the most sensitive recipients of these products, including households, local government units and public utility entities.



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