Fee increases at mBank. Are long-time customers willing to accept them?

Luc Williams

The increase in prices of goods and services was felt not only by ordinary people, but also by… mBankwhich has been high for two years inflation explains the necessity increases in certain fees and commissionsmainly related to cash withdrawals.

Depending on your account and services, some fees and terms may vary, we read on the bank’s website. mBank has sent special messages to all its customers, which contain detailed information price list tailored to each customer’s products and services.

The most important changes in fees and commissions in mBank

Many ATM users will probably be dissatisfied with the fact that from April 3, 2024, Euronet and Santander Bank Polska ATMs from the ATM network, mBank announced. This means that for each cash withdrawal a commission of PLN 5 will be charged from these devices. The fee will primarily affect users of eKonto personal and eKonto dla Młodych (contracts from September 26, 2013), who have not been charged with it so far. However, owners of other accounts will benefit – mBank will reduce the amount from PLN 7 to PLN 5,

Free devices located in branches and will remain PlanetCash ATMs. In total, including ATMs in branches, there are almost 5,000 devices from which cash can be withdrawn throughout Poland, the bank informs

Changing the minimum payout value

The next increase that will affect most customers is increase in the minimum free ATM withdrawal threshold from PLN 100 to PLN 300. It concerns above all mKonto Intensive users.

Minimum payout threshold will also apply to teenagers and young adults aged 13 to 24 using eAccount. It will amount to PLN 100, and the additional fee will be charged only when the customer turns 18, mBank warns.

Card fees up

The monthly fee will also increase fee for the withdrawal service from all ATMs in the country. From April 3, 2024, instead of PLN 9, mBank customers will pay PLN 18, regardless of the number of transactions they perform at ATMs throughout Poland.

mBank will increase the monthly fee from PLN 7 to PLN 10 personal eAccount card. However, the conditions for exemption from this fee will remain unchanged.

Monthly fee increase for Mastercard Gold PayPass card will increase from PLN 9.99 to PLN 18. The conditions for exemption from the fee will not change in this case either.

Free account only for “big” money

It will increase to PLN 10,000 sum of inflows required by mBankto not charge for mAccount Intensive. The second, optional condition of exemption from the account maintenance fee, i.e. the total amount of deposits and investments placed in the bank, remains unchanged. It is still a minimum of PLN 100,000, the bank said.

Plus for each payment at the store’s cash register (cashback) mBank will charge a commission of PLN 2.

Additionally, from June 4, 2024, we are introducing BLIK ATM withdrawal fee. You will pay for such a transaction as you would for a card withdrawal.

How to avoid additional fees?

mBank, in order to slightly reduce the unpleasant impression left by information about significant increases in banking costs, advises its clients how to avoid commissions on cash withdrawals. First of all, it encourages them to choose free BLIK or card payments instead of using cash. If you only want to withdraw cash, the bank encourages people interested in withdrawing cash to withdraw larger amounts at an ATM and choose devices from the bank’s network. Their list can be checked on the website or in the mobile application.


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