Fire on Marywilska Street. The owners of the burned hall plan to rebuild the facility. The city will offer new places to merchants

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He added that they are looking for solutions together that would make it possible save as many jobs as possible.

Back to work

“It is crucial to establish the facts, including how many entrepreneurs are able to continue their operations, i.e. how many stands would be needed immediately. There is always a proposal on the table providing stands at city markets, we are also looking for alternative options. We have talks with representatives of buyers ahead of us,” Trzaskowski wrote.

He emphasized that he was glad that in this difficult situation, all parties were acting responsibly and looking for solutions together.

Fire on Marywilska Street

Market hall at 44 Marywilska Street, which had over 1,400 shops and service points, started burning after 3.00 on Sunday. Due to the fire, the Government Security Center issued a warning to residents of the capital not to approach this place, stay at home and close their windows.

Dozens of fire brigades, including the Chemical and Ecological Rescue Group, took part in the extinguishing operation. On Monday morning, six fire brigades were still working at the site. For safety reasons, they supervised the fire site.

Help for merchants

Masovian Voivode Mariusz Frankowski on Monday he indicated that he was looking possibilities of possible support for merchants with special fundswho were injured by the fire on Marywilska Street. He emphasized that disaster relief payments were not an option because the fire did not affect private individuals.

Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski said on Monday that due to the fire at the market hall at Marywilska Street, the city was looking for additional places at city markets. There are over a hundred of them. He also conveyed that A special point was opened for the injured at Marszałkowska 77/79.

Warsaw-Praga District Prosecutor's Office launched an investigation into the hall fire on Monday.

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