Teacher's Day, May 15, 2024: why is this day celebrated and what is its origin?

Luc Williams

In Colombia, Teacher's Day or Teacher's Day is celebrated every May 15, a date dedicated to honoring the work and commitment of those who dedicate their lives to the education and training of present and future generations.

The starting point of the celebration dates back to May 15, 1950, when Pope Pius XII proclaimed Saint John Baptist de La Salle as universal patron of educators. La Salle, French priest, pedagogue and founder of the order of the Brothers of the Christian Schools, dedicated his life to the education of poor and marginalized children, promoting innovative methods and a comprehensive vision of teaching.

This day, despite being a date established by President Ospina, It does not represent a holiday in the country, but rather a commemoration.

Beyond a Date

Teacher's Day in Colombia transcends the commemoration of a specific date. It is a continuing tribute to the dedication, commitment and passion that teachers demonstrate every day in the classrooms. Their work goes beyond the transmission of knowledge, as they instill values, encourage critical thinking and prepare new generations to face the world's challenges.

Celebration in other countries

Although most Spanish-speaking countries commemorate this day, there is no unified date. Each nation has chosen a particular day to pay tribute to its teachers, often linked to a relevant educator or historical date in their country. Mexico and Panama do celebrate it on May 15.

  • Ecuador: April 13th
  • The Savior: June 22nd
  • Spain: November 27
  • Honduras: June 25th
  • Mexico: May 15 (same as Colombia)
  • Nicaragua: June 22nd
  • Panama: May 15 (same as Colombia)
  • Paraguay: April 30th
  • Peru: July 6th
  • Puerto Rico: September 23
  • Dominican Republic: April 3
  • Uruguay: March 22
  • Venezuela: January 15


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