Food prices in the European Union. What agricultural products did Poles pay more for in 2023?

Luc Williams

In 2023, average the price of agricultural products in general across the European Union increased by 2%. compared to the previous year, while the average prices of goods and services currently consumed in agriculture, i.e. agricultural expenditure, decreased by 5%.

Changes in prices of agricultural products in the EU

A significant decrease, by (26%) was recorded in the case cereals, a category that includes, among others, wheat, barley, corn, rye and oats.

According to Eurostat, at the same time the average price of fertilizers and soil improvers decreased by 23 percent, while average price of plant protection products and pesticides, as well as seeds and planting material increased by 9 percent

Potato prices have increased in 24 EU countries

Widespread drought in 2023 affected the production levels of many crops, including potatoes. This, in turn, resulted in an increase in potato prices in 24 EU countries.

Prices grew the fastest in Germany (49%)Slovakia (48%) i Croatia (44%). Declines were recorded in three countries: Belgium (-18 percent), Cyprus (-14%) i Austria (-4%).

Prices of agricultural products in Poland. What did we pay more for?

According to Eurostat data, in 2023 in Poland, potatoes were more expensive than in the previous year on average by over 32%.. A significant price increase was also visible in the case of pork,for which you had to pay a quarter more than last year. The prices also increased significantly, by over 22%. vegetables and eggs.

A drop in prices was recorded in the case of beef, poultry and milk, which decreased by 4.35%, 5.32% and 10.33% respectively. However, they saw a very significant drop in prices fruit (almost 30 percent) and cerealswhich were cheaper than in the previous year (by one third on average).

Fertilizer prices have fallen in most EU countries

Fertilizer prices in 2023 were lower than in 2022 in 22 EU countries (out of 26 according to available data). Prices dropped the fastest in Luxembourg (-46 percent), Sweden (-41%) i Finland (-39%).

In turn, prices were higher than last year Cyprus (by 14%), on Malta (9%), in Greece (6%) and Romania (3%). IN Poland fertilizers and soil improvers became cheaper by over 15%.


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