Weekend disruptions at banks. “Have cash with you just in case.”

Luc Williams

Problems not only with banks, but also with the trusted profile

In addition to the interruption of banking services, this weekend there will also be problems with the use of trusted profile.

Service work began on Friday (19/01/2024) From time. 20:00.

During this time you cannot:

  • create a trusted profile;
  • sign documents with a trusted signature;
  • log in to public administration services.

According to information from the Ministry of Digitization, the difficulties will end on Saturday (20/01/2024) about time. 16:00.

Postal Bank

On Sunday (21/01/2024) “due to administrative work, difficulties may occur regarding the operation of payment cards,” he said Postal Bank.

What does this mean for customers?

  • at 02:00 – 07:00 it will not be possible to perform 3Dsecure transactions requiring authentication by entering a code sent via SMS (this does not apply to transactions on the Internet that require 3D Secure authentication in electronic banking), it will not be possible to download card data in electronic banking, including CVC2 code and inability to order a virtual card online;
  • at 03:00 – 07:00 it will not be possible to connect cards to XIAOMI PAY/ FIT BIT/ GARMIN PAY/ GOOGLE PAY/ APPLE PAY digital wallets.

Nest Bank

On Sunday (January 21, 2024) problems will arise when using the services Nest Bank. “From time. 0:30 until 6:00 our online banking and mobile application will be completely unavailable,” the announcement said

What does this mean for customers?

  • they will not log in to online banking and the mobile application;
  • they will not change limits in electronic banking;
  • they will not use BLIK or Visa Mobile;
  • will not confirm payment for card purchases online using electronic banking;
  • they will not pay in the online store using the payment link.

Nest Bank explained that “during this time, you will be able to pay with a payment card, also using Apple Pay, Google Pay and a watch or wristband (Fitbit, Garmin Pay) in stationary stores, and deposit and withdraw cash from ATMs using a payment card.”

Crédit Agricole

Customers will also experience problems Crédit Agricole. The bank announced a temporary break in access to services on the night from Saturday to Sunday (20/21/01/2024). From time. 23:00 down 8:00 will not be available:

  • mobile application;
  • CA24 eBank;
  • online transfer and BLIK;
  • During this time, you will not receive SMS notifications about the card transaction.

“Payment cards in stores and service points and when withdrawing from ATMs will work normally,” but Credit Agricole advised customers to better have cash with them (during this time). “The cash deposited in the ATM will be credited after the break. If you are planning transfers, make them in advance,” it was emphasized.

ING Bank Śląski

On the other hand ING Bank Śląski reported that “on the night from Saturday to Sunday (January 20/21) From time. 23:30 down 4:30“plans service work.

What do customers need to prepare for? There will be temporary difficulties in using banking services, including:

  • ATMs and cash deposit machines;
  • the “Moje ING” online banking system and its mobile version;
  • the “ING Business” online banking system and its mobile version;
  • BLIK payments;
  • express transfers;
  • online payments using “Pay with ING”;
  • online card payments with 3DSecure, i.e. those that are additionally confirmed in the application or with a one-time SMS code;
  • automatic toll collection on highways;
  • special PSD2 interface;
  • transactions in drop boxes that can be processed offline.

ING warned that “it will not be possible to purchase products in Moje ING” and on the bank’s website “(including loans and accounts, including savings accounts)”.

“In addition, there may be problems with card transactions and it will not be possible to activate cards, change transaction limits and assign PIN codes,” the announcement added.

The bank advised customers to withdraw cash early and make “necessary transfers and purchases outside service hours.”

Bank customers should remember that if online banking is unavailable and they need to block their card, it is best to report it via the hotline.


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