Dreams of having your own company. How much to start?

Luc Williams

The first reading of the Entrepreneurship Index, prepared by Intermarché and Bricomarché, was 15. This means that of all the surveyed people declaring the desire to start their own business, only 15 percent. are prepared for this, i.e. they want to launch their company within the next 6 months, have a business plan developed and are ready to invest at least PLN 10,000. zloty.

“This means that 2.7 percent respondents are fully prepared to start their own business in the short term. Taking into account the fact that almost every fifth respondent would like to become an entrepreneur, a significant discrepancy can be observed between declarations and practice,” say the authors of the study.

The desire for independence is the main motivator

According to the study, the most common motivator for starting one’s own business is the ability to make decisions independently (29.5%), which translates into business independence. A similar number of responses was given to the financial factor, i.e. the possibility of obtaining higher income (29.1%). The third most common indication is the desire to realize the dream of running your own company (24.8%).

“A large group of current and potential entrepreneurs are convinced to start a business by the prospect of having a greater influence on how much and when they will work (24.0%), combining their professional life with passion or interests (22.9%), or greater development of skills and competences (22.9%) – added in the comment.

Among the factors discouraging people from “going their own way”, respondents most often point to regulatory challenges and fear of bureaucracy (33%). Another obstacle is the lack of start-up funds (32%) and the fear of failure (31%).

“A large group (…) does not decide to open their own business due to the lack of appropriate experience or knowledge about running a business (30%), some do not have a specific idea for a business (27%) or they lack motivation to act (17 percent)” – the study indicated.

If you have your own business, then definitely trade

A survey conducted by Intermarché and Bricomarché among potential future entrepreneurs indicates that Poles would most like to start a commercial business – almost 40 percent of them indicate this. subjects.

“Among them, the largest part of future entrepreneurs would like to sell clothes (9%), home or garden items (8%), and cosmetics and jewelry (7%). A slightly smaller number also takes into account trade in children’s products (6%), food products (4%), or household and electronics products (4%).

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In addition, future entrepreneurs are interested in the IT industry – 9%. of those who intend to start their own company would like to operate in this industry. Slightly less interest concerns production activities – 8% would like to enter this branch of business. people planning their own business.

How much can we invest to start?

Almost half (47%) of Poles declaring their willingness to open their own business are able to allocate an amount ranging from PLN 10,000 to PLN 50,000 to start. zloty. Almost every third (32%) has a budget of up to PLN 10,000. zlotys. The remaining respondents are able to invest an amount from PLN 50,000 to PLN 100,000. PLN (17%) or over PLN 100,000. PLN (4 percent of respondents).

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When it comes to the form of one’s own business, the most popular option is to create and manage a company entirely on one’s own (67%). Much less interest is shown in partnership or co-ownership (23%) or franchising (12.5%).


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