Former military intelligence expert reveals Maduro's objectives in Colombia. “They are here”

Luc Williams

A recent investigation by journalist Ricardo Calderón, from , He reported on intelligence operations of the Nicolás Maduro regime together with the ELN in Colombia.

According to the investigation, “an alleged conspiracy to overthrow the regime of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela unleashed a violent hunt that does not respect borders against those responsible”.

In , Major (r) Jorge Castillo, intelligence analyst, uncovered what are the specific objectives that the Maduro regime has in Colombia and he was also emphatic in saying that there are spies from Venezuela in the country: “They are here.”

“The first objective is the recruitment of Colombian soldiers or intelligence agents who give them information about device, composition, strength, equipment, and so on,” indicated the intelligence expert.

Regarding the second objective that the Maduro regime would have in Colombia, Castillo said that they seek to establish the location of “weapons, infrastructure, which is not public. Infrastructure, both economic and military, for, in the future, a potential threat, which could be in 2026 if government policies change.”

Continuing with the objectives, the expert indicated that the regime has the location of Nicolás Maduro's opponents.

Regarding the information that the Government would have about the presence of spies in Colombia from the Maduro regime, the expert stated that, until he became aware, there was a fairly large list in the General Directorate of Military Counterintelligence in Colombia, but that he did not end up finding out what happened in the end with those individuals who had already been identified.

“However, what must be taken into account is What are the national security and defense objectives in the face of potential threats to Colombia?. So, there are threats such as espionage, international terrorism, there are threats like these mega-gangs, there are threats of drug trafficking, child trafficking networks, arms trafficking networks, which we call strategic intelligence or counterintelligence, and that must be reflected. in a document called the National Intelligence Plan,” he added.

However, Castillo stated that he did not know whether or not there was a 'coexistence' between the government of President Gustavo Petro and the intelligence of the Maduro regime.


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