Is the situation of entrepreneurs improving? But exporters may have a harder time

Luc Williams

PMI index for industry in Poland in March it was 48.0 points. compared to 47.9 points in February – he said S&P Global on Tuesday.

“The domestic indicator weighs heavily on the weak order book of exporters. The March reading is positive against the background of changes in Western Europe, where the mood has deteriorated – in the euro zone the index dropped from 46.6 to 45.7 points, in Germany from 42.5 to 41.5 points. Worse results among our neighbors may have a negative impact on the condition of exporters,” noted an analyst from the macroeconomics team in a comment on the PMI data. Polish Institute of Economics Sebastian Sajnóg.

He recalled that economic situation research Central Statistical Office also indicate an improvement in mood. Respondents are optimistic about the future.

“In March, for the first time in almost three years, the index describing expectations regarding domestic and foreign orders reached a positive level: 0.9 points. We expect this trend to continue – as the economy rebounds and consumption increases, the situation of entrepreneurs is gradually improving. However, due to the weaker economic situation in Western Europe and among our trading partners, the order portfolio of exporters will be weaker than that of companies operating on the domestic market,” said the PIE analyst.

He pointed out that entrepreneurs are counting on the revival of, among others, thanks to lower prices.

“Entrepreneurs expect a much slower price increase than last year. The percentage of concerns about price increases in the Central Statistical Office survey dropped from 23.6 to 15.1 percent over a year. This is the result of lower uncertainty regarding the behavior of energy prices and weaker price pressure. Nevertheless, the current results are still higher than those we observed before the pandemic,” wrote Sebastian Sajnóg. (PAP)

author: Marek Siudaj


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