Fur farms to be closed down? The Greens will submit a bill

Luc Williams

“At the beginning of February, at a meeting of the parliamentary group for the ban on animal breeding, I will present the assumptions of the project regarding the liquidation of fur farms along with justification,” Tracz said.

When will the bill appear?

She added that she intended to submit the bill to the Sejm in the first half of this year. As she explained, “the project assumes that from 2025 no new farms can be established”, and by 2029 the farms would be liquidated. “If the project was adopted this year, no new fur farms could be established from the moment it came into force. From January 1, 2029, there would be no fur farms in Poland,” she explained.

Five-year transition period

“My bill provides for a five-year transition period. It assumes paying compensation to breeders” – she said. She explained that compensation will be granted based on the calculation of the entity’s average annual revenue for the previous two years. “If someone decides to give up breeding in 2024, then will get 25 percent average annual income in the form of compensation. Breeders who close the farm in 2025 will receive 20 percent, those who close it in 2026 – 15 percent, and in 2027 – 10 percent. Breeders who want to run their business in 2028 will receive 5%. the amount of average annual income,” she said.

Tracz said that she is “currently collecting current data.” “I submitted the same project two years ago, now the number of farms is smaller and the prices of leather are different,” she added. “I am open to the consultation process. Many comments will certainly appear during the meeting of the parliamentary team, but I will also give time for interested parties to send these comments to me by e-mail. Then, together, we will introduce legislative changes that we consider appropriate,” she said.

She added that she is preparing the project together with the Viva foundation and the Otwarte Klatki Association. (PAP)

Author: Olga Łozińska


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