“President, you are very wrong”: Fabio Humar reveals Petro’s ignorance about his health reform

Luc Williams

The health reform, led by the government of President Gustavo Petro, was initially approved on December 5, in the House of Representatives, after five months of intense discussions and debates. The controversial project obtained a total of 87 votes in favor.

“These are the medications I have to take for a month. They cost, in the market, a little more than 13 million pesos. I pay, for the EPS, less than 200 thousand pesos. “That is what the man, Minister Jaramillo, wants to end,” accurate.

The jurist’s publication, as expected, did not go down very well with the head of state and he quickly replied: “No, Mr. Fabio. The reform does not end universal insurance, but rather reinforces it. Who pays the difference between the market value of the medicines and their price are the other contributors, “They don’t have to consume medicines and public money.”

Faced with this response, Humar spoke exclusively with Vicky in SEMANA this Friday and assured that the Córdoba president is completely wrong. Furthermore, he emphasized that the State has shown that he is a very bad administrator.

“I greatly respect the figure of the presidency, but President Petro is completely wrong. I insist, the State taking control of such a complex issue is a guarantee of administrative chaos that will claim lives. The State has historically shown that it is a very bad administrator,” he stated.

Then he added: “Everything that the State administers is done in a very poor, very inefficient way. There are medical situations that require very high efficiency. When it says that we are going to universal coverage, this is also a fallacy. “Colombia has almost 100% of its population covered.”

The jurist stressed that the Petro Government must uninterruptedly guarantee that people who consume medications, whose costs are high and their availability is very limited, can continue to have them, even if said health reform is approved.

Fabio Humar finally took advantage of the dialogue with Vicky in SEMANA to point out that he is very concerned that President Gustavo Petro dedicates himself and has time to respond to these types of publications on social networks.

It is worth mentioning that the articles have the last semester of the second legislature of the Senate of the Republic left to be discussed in the Seventh Commission and in the plenary session, where the debate is led by the senator of the Green Alliance, Iván Name.


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