Gas price in Poland. There is a change regarding the PGNiG tariff

Luc Williams

The amended tariff includes the price of gas for households and the so-called customers eligible to benefit from the tariff drops from PLN 318.14 to PLN 290.97 per MWh. Subscription fee rates have not changed. By law, a tariff change must be introduced no later than 14 days after its publication.

As the Energy Regulatory Office reminded us, due to the regulations in force until the end of June this year. statutory provisions freezing gas prices at PLN 200.17 per MWh, household customers and those entitled to tariffs will not be affected by the change in this tariff.

The Office emphasized that the proceedings for approval of the tariff change were initiated as a result of the Regulator’s request addressed to PGNiG OD. According to the law, failure to respond to such a request suspends compensation payments to the seller for selling gas at lower, frozen prices.

“URE monitors the market situation on an ongoing basis and takes action in response to changing conditions. Due to the decline in gas prices on the wholesale market, I decided to call on 14 entrepreneurs to reduce gas prices in tariffs. Such calls were addressed to all enterprises that sell gas to customers covered by tariffs and apply prices higher than current market prices,” said Rafał Gawin, President of the Energy Regulatory Office.

As a result – as reported – the Office received 13 applications for approval of tariff changes because one entity stopped serving eligible customers. By the end of February 2024, the President of the Energy Regulatory Office approved eight tariff changes resulting in lower gas prices; the reductions were from 0.3 percent. up to 28 percent, depending on the purchasing portfolio of individual trading companies.


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