Intel in Poland. What’s next with the investment?

Luc Williams

“We talked about issues related to the digital market, the technological future, but also about key strategic investments for Poland. Negotiations are underway today. There is a pre-notification application regarding Intel’s investment. That is why I came today to encourage the Commissioner to accelerate work on the application so that this investment in Poland was well implemented,” Gawkowski said at a press conference. He emphasized that the talks were good and expressed hope for “mutual understanding.”

“Semiconductors are the gold of the 21st century”

When asked what the significance of Intel’s planned investment is for Poland, the deputy head of the Polish government emphasized that it is an element of concern for the economic security of our country.

“Semiconductors are the gold of the 21st century (…); investing in semiconductors is intended to give Poland a chance to have a key place on the global map of new technologies. Intel’s investment is several billion euros; it is 2,000 jobs; it is dozens of cooperators who will work on it; after all, it is one of the largest investments in 30 years,” said Krzysztof Gawkowski.

“That is why the government cares so much about this investment and that is why today I am requesting that pre-notification applications be processed quickly,” he concluded.

The aid will be paid provided…

The Ministry of Digital Affairs of the Republic of Poland, headed by Krzysztof Gawkowski, announced on February 9 this year that it had sent a pre-notification to the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection regarding its intention to provide public aid to Intel in connection with the planned investment in the construction of a semiconductor factory in the Miękinia commune near Wrocław.

The aid will be paid subject to the European Commission issuing a decision authorizing the granting of aid or after the deadline by which the European Commission should have taken such a decision, or the European Commission issuing a conditional decision authorizing the granting of aid, accepted by Intel.

How much will Intel invest?

Intel announced in June 2023 that it wanted to invest $4.6 billion. in the construction of a semiconductor integration and testing plant in the Miękinia commune (Średzki County, Lower Silesian Voivodeship) near Wrocław. The investment in the Legnica Economic Zone is expected to create 2,000. jobs in the company.

Intel, headquartered in Santa Clara in California’s Silicon Valley (USA), is a new technology company founded in 1968 and one of the largest semiconductor manufacturers in the world. The American company listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange produces, among others: processors for personal computers, as well as IT and hardware solutions for data centers, artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles. Globally, the company employs over 121,000. people, including in the European Union – approx. 10 thousand employees.

From Brussels Artur Ciechanowicz (PAP)


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