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Luc Williams

Technology is part of us, but with all its daily advances, we might ask ourselves, What else can we do with it? The answer could be another question, because what purpose would technology be if not for create new worlds? In this panorama, video game development hits the nail on the head.

When before it was thought that video games were nothing more than a hobbytoday they represent the triumph of skills such as ingenuity, teamwork and creativity. So much so that the design and development of video games have inspired academic courses and programs Worldwide.

Committed to continuous innovation, in the Anáhuac Querétaro University, we are excited to contribute to the development of tomorrow’s technologies. That is why we invite you to delve into video game development and discover how you can make other worlds a reality.

Prepare your arsenal: tools for aspirants

To succeed in any area, it is important to have the best team. Fortunately, the popularity in video game development has boosted the launch of many tools and platforms invaluables. Below, we share some of them:


With the objective of empower creative mindsthis platform is a leader in the development of video games and experiences in third dimension and real time (RT3D). Unity provides tools for beginner developers so they can learn step by step through templates that you can customize and then share with other users.

You can start learning in Unity with a completely free version, but you can also choose between three subscription plans, depending on how many tools you want to get. Furthermore, the platform also promotes employability with job offers related to video game development in more than 45 locations around the world.

Unreal Engine

This platform focuses on the creation and development of photorealistic video games and immersive digital experiences. Their tools are so versatile that they have been used in diverse sectors, such as cinemathe architectureThe design of vehiclesthe simulationamong many others.

Seeking to be as accessible as it is innovative, Unreal Engine provides online training through complete videos and courses programming and development. As with Unity, you can also start boosting your skills in Unreal from free formand you will have access to all functions of the platform.

All of this would not be possible without the work of communities on both platformswhich allow the skills learning to beginning developers and enable continuous improvement of all functions of the platform.

Develop key skills

As you can imagine, video game development is a true profession that requires technical skills and knowledge, among which we will comment on some here:

  • Experience in narrative or storytelling: every video game is a story, so you will need to be able to build interesting situations and develop coherent lines of events with the narrative context and the characters.
  • Programming: the better you master one or more programming languagessuch as C++, Java or Python, you will be able to develop truly innovative video games.
  • Principles of psychology: even if it is in an elementary way, it will help you to understand how they work psychological profiles to build characters of your game.
  • Graphic design or animation: It is vital to have design skills that allow you create characters, spaces and visual effects attractive for your future players.
  • Problem resolution: since its creation, a video game will confront you with challenges and constant decision making to keep advancing.

Careers to get started in video game development

In case it wasn’t obvious, video game development is a field already recognized for its potential in the university educational field; That is the case of the Anáhuac Querétaro University.

We recognize the power of video games to facilitate learning and improve creative, communication and adaptability skills of our students, so we have adapted our Educative offer according to these needs.

For example, the Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology and Digital Business is ready to prepare you for all technical skills of the creation of video games, such as the programming and infrastructure design behind them. Your knowledge of information technologies will allow you to create concepts that stand out for their innovation and commercial viability.

And if your heart is in create unique stories and design interactive experiences never before experienced, Bachelor’s Degree in Multimedia Design will give you all the tools to achieve it. Furthermore, thanks to our educational model, your training will allow you to navigate without problem any area of ​​entertainmentfrom film and television to augmented reality design.

Decide to create new worlds

Don’t forget that every great invention started as a small idea. The key to making your dreams come true is have the tools and develop the right skillsand give your maximum effort.

Thanks to the educational innovation promoted by the Anáhuac Querétaro University, today you can begin to create other possible worlds and put them into action. Our commitment to your training is based on turn your passion for video games into a career long and successful.

Believe it and start living your dreams today.


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