Google pays, but only to Western publishers. When will Polish publishers be able to count on royalties?

Luc Williams

Implementation of the European Copyright Directive

As recalled, work is underway on implementation into Polish law European Directives on Copyright and Related Rights in the Digital Single Market“In this important Article 15regulating the issue of related rights of press publishers. This long-awaited implementation, which has been the subject of many years of discussion and legislative work, grants press publishers new rights in the scope of protection of their information content published on the Internet, while guaranteeing users continued free access to information via Internet platforms” – indicated on the website.

“In response to the implementation of Article 15 of the Directive in individual Member States, we have introduced the Extended News Previews (ENP) program in Europe. It specifies the rules for remunerating publishers for protected news content used in our services, such as Google Search, Google News and Discover,” it was emphasized.

Google pays for press content licensing in Europe

Thanks to cooperation with both individual publishers and collective copyright management organizations, Google he is already paying for it Content licensing over 4,000 press titles in 19 European countries. “We are the only platform that has launched such a broad program that allows us to adapt to new regulations while continuing to provide users with links to news sources and generating traffic to press publishers. Each click brings publishers from 25 to 60 cents, with regional publisherswhose audiences are more valuable to advertisers, enjoy higher rates,” the website says.

As we read further, license agreements offered by Google within the framework ENP program “go beyond simple linking and short summaries to reward publishers for wider use of their content by displaying previews under links in search engines.” “Offers ENP license are based on transparent and objective criteria, consistent with copyright law. They take into account, among other things, the frequency of viewing a site with news content and the amount of advertising revenue generated on the pages where previews of this content are displayed. Thanks to this, ENP’s licensing agreements provide a fair solution for both large and small publishers,” it was noted.

Google is ready to cooperate with Polish publishers

“We are ready to open up our ENP licensing program to Polish publishers of all sizes, using the same consistent methodology that we use across Europe. We will do so immediately after completion of the process of implementing the directive in Poland. We hope that Polish law will be fully compliant with the provisions of the European directive, which will enable us to launch the program smoothly,” it was emphasized on the website.

ENP’s licensing agreements, it added, are an additional complement to the “broad offer for Polish publishers”. “We already offer advertising and subscription solutions, the Showcase content licensing program in Google News, and many other products and training for journalists and media workers. Since 2015, we have been investing in training programs that have already been attended by several thousand journalists and media workers. These trainings include, among others, digital tools supporting the fight against disinformation and the development of digital competences of editorial offices and newsrooms,” it was listed.

Google supports publishers

“As part of partnerships and business training, we share knowledge about the latest technological solutions and innovations in the media industry. At the same time, Google supports news publishers by offering them advertising tools that enable effective content monetization. Publishers using our advertising products retain the vast majority of revenues, over 80%. In 2021-2023, we paid the five largest Polish news publishers over PLN 1 billion in this respect,” the website states.

“For over 20 years, Google has been working closely with the news publishing industry. By offering numerous services, programs and direct funding, we are one of the world’s largest entities supporting journalism. We count on constructive cooperation with Polish publishers, in accordance with the European Copyright Directive, to jointly build a sustainable media ecosystem,” it added. (PAP)

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