Green Deal? Absolutely, just let the war in Ukraine end

Luc Williams

Scientist from University of Warmia and Mazury in an interview with PAP, he recalled that the protests of farmers who demand, among others, departure from strategy European Green Dealtake place in a situation where the war on Ukraine resulted in the inflow of large amounts of agricultural products from this country. “The situation is so difficult that the Green Deal adds another nail to the coffin for farmers who have already lost a lot due to the inflow of grain from Ukraine. Prices of some agricultural products have dropped by up to 50 percent.” – he said.

“We have oversupply products from Ukraine, which the EU market is unable to absorb. These products are often of much lower quality because, for example, they were damaged during transport because proper storage was not ensured,” he added.

In his opinion, this is combined with the Green Deal, which, for example, introduces necessity fallow, i.e. allocation of 4%. arable land area to non-productive areas or facilities, contributing to the reduction of the economic efficiency of agriculture.

Right idea, not the best time?

“The Green Deal was based on assumptions sustainable development, which puts emphasis on economic, environmental and social order, i.e. it is a broadly developed EU policy, with a large participation also of Polish commissioners. Its assumptions are absolutely correct, but very difficult to implement in the current situation,” he said.

The expert noted that sustainable development is an opportunity for Polish agriculture, but the Green Deal focused mainly on environmental effects, while it should also ensure balance with the economic and social order.

“In my opinion, the Green Deal should be postponed for a few years until the situation related to the war in Ukraine normalizes and when they can safely export their products to countries Africa. At the moment, it would be another nail in the coffin for agriculture, not only in Poland, but also in other EU countries. We see what is happening in Germany, France and other countries where farmers are also on strike,” emphasized Prof. Bórawski.

Too great a threat to agriculture and the labor market

When asked about the consequences of the faster introduction of restrictions related to the Green Deal, the expert said that this may result in small farms going out of business, whose owners – as he noted – are already starting to give up production due to the inflow of products from Ukraine.

“Unfortunately, some farmers will have to look for work outside their place of residence and commute to cities. This is also happening at the moment, but it would certainly happen on a larger scale,” he noted.

As he recalled, Poland is a typical agricultural country, and reducing agricultural production would affect other sectors of the economy and would result, for example, in reducing employment in the processing sector.

Let’s invest in environmental protection

According to prof. Bórawski, actions aimed at reducing environmental pollution related to agricultural production should be implemented through investments in environmental protection. As he explained, the solution should not be, for example, the abolition of cattle breeding to reduce methane emissions, but the construction of biogas plants using animal excrements.

As he repeated, the Green Deal is needed as an element of sustainable development, but should not be implemented through directives, regulations and restrictions, which are often established without examining their negative consequences.

The Green Deal is the European Union’s plan that aims to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, decoupling economic growth from resource consumption, and leveling economic differences between regions. (PAP)

author: Marcin Boguszewski


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