Companies plan car purchases. In addition, most of the cars involved are new

Luc Williams

According to the published results, purchasing a car in 2024, 25 percent is planned. enterprises, which, as the authors of the study indicate, is a similar result to last year.

It was indicated that from the group of respondents who declared a purchase, 62 percent I want to buy one car. 34% of people are interested in 2 to 5 vehicles. entrepreneurs. 4% of people will decide to buy more than 10 cars. respondents. It was noted that 72 percent entrepreneurs consider a new vehicle. It was noted that the first half of the year would be the time of increased purchases, as this period was indicated by 56%. surveyed entrepreneurs.

Interest in expensive cars is growing

As pointed out by the director of the marketing and brand management department, Volkswagen Financial Service, DariusBrodnicki – “although the mood in companies seems to be significantly better than last year, the results of the next edition of the survey +Poles’ wallets under the microscope+ do not show significant differences compared to last year’s data. The growing popularity of used cars may indicate that an important group of entrepreneurs is now analyzing company expenses more carefully. What is worth noting, however, has never been such interest in cars worth over PLN 200,000. zloty”.

The authors of the study noticed that a few years ago the willingness to buy cars above PLN 200,000 PLN was indicated by approximately 1/4 of the respondents. Last year, there was a significant increase in demand for vehicles at this price (by 10 pp). In the current edition of the survey, 40% of people plan to buy a company car from this area. subjects. It was noted that this is the best result among all available price categories. Additionally, only slightly less, 36 percent. entrepreneurs, declares that they will choose a car worth PLN 100,000 to PLN 150,000. zloty.

However, business prefers new ones

Experts reported that in this year’s edition of the research, companies’ interest in new cars amounted to 72%. (down from 74% compared to the previous edition). It was noted that business clearly prefers new cars, even in the basic version, to used cars, although better equipped. The ratio of former to latter is currently 70%. up to 30 percent, moving in the current edition of the study in favor of new cars by as much as 10 percentage points

As pointed out by the Director of the Sales Department at Volkswagen Financial Services, Michał Dyc “it is not entirely the case that business only buys new cars, which after a few years of operation go to individual customers. Such an understanding would be too simplistic. Interest in used cars among entrepreneurs is quite high, which we can see both in the Volkswagen Group dealership network and and in our Volkswagen Financial Services STORE showroom, where used cars are available. In the latter, corporate buyers, including those running sole proprietorships, accounted for half of all customers last year. This clearly indicates that entrepreneurs are also willing to purchase vehicles from the secondary market “.

Electrics are in retreat

The authors of the study pointed out that despite incentives and legal regulations aimed at putting business on the path to green transformation and sustainable development, Polish entrepreneurs limited their interest in electric vehicles. “Based on data from the +Wallets of Poles under the microscope+ study, 6% of respondents plan to buy such cars this year, while last year it was 18%.” – they pointed out.

The respondents indicated sales as the most common reasons for their reluctance to buy electric cars a small number of vehicle charging stations, too small range of cars and their too high price (all answers were given by 66% of respondents). For 38 percent of respondents, the lower price of the vehicle would be an incentive to buy an electric car, and a greater range of the vehicles would convince 32% of respondents. respondents, and increasing the number of charging stations would influence the decision of 19 percent. surveyed companies.

More optimism?

The Volkswagen Financial Services study “Poles’ wallets under the microscope” showed a significant change in the way business representatives look to the future, assessing the country’s economic situation. While 16% of respondents assess the current state of the economy as rather good or very good. surveyed companies (8 percent in the previous edition), as many as 37 percent assume good or very good forecasts. (it was 7%). In turn, 30 percent surveyed enterprises expect their financial situation to improve in 2024.

The cyclical study “Poles’ wallets under the microscope” was carried out by ARC Rynek i Opinia on behalf of Volkswagen Financial Services at the end of November last year on a group of 202 enterprises using the CATI telephone interview technique. (PAP)


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