List of companies importing grain from Ukraine? Finally this week

Luc Williams

Deputy head of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development When asked on Radio One when exactly we will learn the list of companies that benefited from grain imports from Ukraine, he replied: “It will be this week, final analyzes are underway.” He added that the list is still being checked to see what the companies may have done with the products in question. When asked if it would be Thursday or Friday, he said “most likely yes.”

Companies with political connections

Kołodziejczak he said that what shocked him most was the number of products on the list and their low prices. On the other hand, he said, he was surprised “why someone imported products that were supposedly more expensive.” “We also see companies that are linked to politicians or political parties, and we are not talking about one political party here, just to be clear,” said the deputy minister.

At the end of November last year Ministry of Agriculture published on its website a list of companies importing grain from Ukraine. According to the then Minister of Agriculture Anna Gembicka the list consists of data available to inspections subordinated to the ministry. She then explained that she had approached Kparadise Tax Administration for providing the KAS list.

The document with the list of companies published in November has 62 pages. There are several hundred companies on the list, some of which have their names repeated many times.

Secret over confidential?

On November 23 last year, during a press conference presenting the results of control over the import and trade of grain and rapeseed from Ukraine, the director of the Department of Agriculture and Development Supreme Audit Office Marek Adamiak When asked by journalists whether the Supreme Audit Office knew the list of companies involved in this trade, he informed that the Chamber had received such lists, but could not disclose them because they were subject to customs secrecy.

In response to the Supreme Audit Office’s information, the then Minister of Agriculture Robert Telus informed that he had asked the National Tax Administration to provide lists of companies trading in technical grain from Ukraine. In response, the National Tax Administration informed that it could not provide the lists due to the applicable fiscal secrecy. Telus then announced that it had requested the prosecutor’s office to present this information and for consent to make it public. “The answer I have is that I cannot receive such a list,” he said. (PAP)


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