This is how you can apply for the subsidy for studying at the Sena

Luc Williams

It is a program of Sena National Learning Service, which aims to contribute to covering basic expenses, accident insurance, personal protective elements and clothing for its apprentices classified in strata 1 and 2during the teaching and productive phases of their training process.

This initiative is regulated by Decree 4690 of 2005 of the Ministry of Social Protection and Agreement No. 0005 of 2006, of the General Directorate of the Sena.

Likewise, it decrees that the National Learning Service Sena will provide maintenance support to its students belonging to strata 1 and 2, during the teaching and practical phasesas long as they have not signed an apprenticeship contract and formulate their business plan, which must be consistent with their study program.

How to register for the subsidy?

To receive this benefit you must pay attention to the call dates for each academic period, and you must also keep in mind that if you wish to register you must meet the requirements requested by the entity.

These are the requirements:

2. Belong to strata 1 or 2.

3. Have Sisben or belong to an EPS as a beneficiary. That is, being a beneficiary in the Subsidized or Contributory Regime; not be a contributor.

4. Not having signed an apprenticeship contract at the time of Award.

6. Not having or having had registration conditions during the three months prior to the award date.

7. Not have another type of subsidy assigned by Mayor’s Offices, Community Boards, state agencies, or other support from the Sena. This includes: nor be a beneficiary of the SENA lodging or boarding servicenot being designated as a monitor, not being a beneficiary or holder of any pension.

8. Not be a beneficiary of support granted by the Jóvenes en Acción program.

9. Not being or having been a beneficiary of support maintenance in another training program.

10. Not be or have been a beneficiary of FIC support support.

11. Register for the call for support support, on the established dates.

12. Meet academic performance required by law 789 of 2002.

13. Appear in Sofia with status “in training”.

Students who receive monthly financial aid may use it to purchase materials and items they need throughout their studies.


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